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Name: Rinoa Heartilly
Occupation: Activist, Sorceress
Relationships: Squall(friend/love interest), Seifer (enemy/love interest), Quistis (friend/rival), Selphie (friend), Zell (friend), Irvine (friend), Laguna (acquaintance), Fury Caraway (father), Julia (mother), Ward (acquaintance), Kiros (acquaintance), Zone (colleague), Watts (colleague), Angelo (pet), Ultimecia (enemy), Edea (precursor Sorceress)
Fandom: Final Fantasy
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Rinoa is a main character in the Square Enix video game Final Fantasy VIII.


Free spirited yet defiant, Rinoa has a legacy to inherit. She knows nothing about it, however.

As a latent sorceress, channeling the powers of the legendary Adel, Rinoa gained a lot of enemies when she was tricked into releasing the power hungry tyrant from her celestial prison. What started off as a simple contract promising the independence of her hometown Timber quickly turned into a time travelling fight to save the world

She might have wings, but Rinoa's no angel.


Rinoa is a somewhat divisive character; although the lead female character of the game, she's strongly disliked by some fans, albeit loved by others. The game focuses unusually strongly on her romantic relationship with Squall, which is similarly divisive: a few Squall/Rinoa scenes are widely considered high points of the game, but some players still considered the romance to feel forced overall.


Rinoa is Squall's canon love interest, but is also strongly implied in canon to have had a past relationship with Seifer. Both relationships are commonly explored in fan content. Threesomes involving Rinoa, either Squall or Seifer, and another major character are fairly common. Somewhat less often she's shipped with Quistis, often as a background pairing in fic where Squall and Seifer are monogamously paired with one another.

As Squall and Seifer are often paired with each other, fic that treats Rinoa as an obstacle to their relationship is common.

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