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Name: Wakka
Occupation: Blitzball Player, Guardian
Relationships: Yuna (friend), Tidus (friend), Lulu (friend), Auron (friend), Kimahri (friend), Rikku (friend), Chappu (brother), Cid (acquaintance), Brother (acquaintance), Seymour (enemy), Selphie (friend), Riku (acquaintance), Sora (acquaintance)
Fandom: Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts
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Wakka is a main character in the Square Enix video game Final Fantasy X, a supporting character in its sequel, Final Fantasy X-2, and a minor character in the Square Enix/Disney video game Kingdom Hearts.


A soft-headed but warm hearted Blitzer, Wakka is the sidekick everyone deserves. Good natured and willing to help, if a bit stubborn, he's always reliable.

Wakka has a hatred of the Al Bhed, born from his brother Chappu using an Al Bhed weapon over a conventional one in the war against Sin, and subsequently getting killed. Wakka believes that it was his choice to use the machina weapon instead of the Brotherhood that got him killed, rather than Sin simply razing everything in sight. Like many religious zealous, Wakka is anal about following the teachings of Yevon to the word, lest you become a traitor. This diligence continues all the way through until the Macalania arc, where he is betrayed by the temple, left for dead in a godforsaken desert, and then saved by Al Bhed people.

Wakka's character growth is solid throughout the story, learning that you can't just blindly trust religion, perhaps you can trust those scorned by religion, and that sometimes, the scale of things is simply bigger than him.

Wakka's world grew from Blitzball to planet sized in a matter of weeks. Abd yet the birdbrained fighter did what he does best; adapt, thrive and survive.



Wakka is most commonly shipped with Lulu, as a canon relationship in X-2, and a rival shipping of sorts in X. This comes despite Lulu originally dating his brother Chappu.

Other ships are rare at best, with the occasional Wakka/Tidus slash fic surfacing. Shipping Wakka with just about any of the main characters is at least feasible, however.

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