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Name: Quina Quen
Occupation: Gourmand/Chef, Blue Mage
Relationships: Zidane Tribal (friend), Dagger (friend), Adelbert Steiner (friend), Freya Crescent (friend), Vivi Ornitier (friend/possible adoptive relative/"spouse"), Eiko Carol (friend), Amarant Coral (friend), Blank (acquaintance), Marcus (acquaintance), Cinna (acquaintance), Baku (acquaintance), Zorn and Thorn (enemies), Regent Cid Fabool IX ('food'), General Beatrix (enemy turned friend), Quale (mentor), Kuja (enemy)
Fandom: Final Fantasy IX
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Quina Quen is a playable character in the Square video game Final Fantasy IX.


Quina's sole concern is food. S/he seeks to sample as much and as varied cuisine as possible, and to hone his/her culinary skills. S/he serves as comic relief within Zidane's party and shows little awareness of the greater conflict that Gaia is facing.

As a member of the genderless Qu race, Quina is referred to with the pronouns "s/he", "him", and "his" in the English localization. In the game's Spanish, French, and Italian versions, Quina is referred to with female pronouns, while the German version refers to Quina with male pronouns. Game mechanics treat Quina the same as male characters regarding certain equipment and status effects.


Having minimal plot importance and character development, many consider Quina to be a something of joke character along the lines of Umaro or Gogo, and thus s/he generally receives relatively little attention from the fandom. 

In a 2020 NHK poll, respondents voted Quina as the 96th most popular character in the entire Final Fantasy franchise, out of 200 major and minor characters.[1][2] 


Given his/her displays of childlike intellect, absence of human sex characteristics, and lack of conventional attractiveness, Quina is not a popular subject of shipping. At times, fans jokingly ship him with Vivi Ornitier, as the two underwent a sham marriage ritual in order to gain access to a certain area.

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