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Name: Cid Fabool IX
Occupation: Regent
Relationships: Dagger ('niece'), Zidane (friend), Vivi (friend), Steiner (friend), Freya (friend), Quina (friend), Eiko (friend), Amarant (friend), Blank (friend), Marcus (friend), Cinna (friend), Baku (old friend), Zorn and Thorn (enemies), Hilda Garde (wife), Beatrix (acquaintance), Kuja (enemy)
Fandom: Final Fantasy
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Regent Cid is a supporting character in the Square Enix video game Final Fantasy IX.


Wise and all knowing, if a bit lecherous by his own admission, Regent Cid of Lindblum fulfills the typical 'Cid' role in Final Fantasy games, by getting the party flying.

Cid is a powerful and respected leader, his legacy diminished none when his wife left him and turned him into an Oglop, due to his aforementioned lecherous behaviour. The pair eventually reconcile, and Cid regains his human body again, perhaps showing him the only dose of humility he has ever known.

Cid doesn't quite reach the ranks of main character in Final Fantasy IX, unlike his two predecessors, however he remains a solid support, and a cornerstone upon which many plot devices were sharpened into points.


Cid is most commonly seen as a supporting role in most fic he appears in as well, be it his frog form, oglop form, or human form. As a highly respected, intelligent advisor, he has many niches that can be exploited.

Even if that niche is simply to be a frog or an oglop.


Cid's only common ship is with his wife, Hilda Garde. Backstories about why he cheated, and who he cheated with, aren't unheard of however. There is speculation into who Cid cheated with, and despite a name never actually being given, fans can fill in the blanks with any available female character (she was only ever defined as a 'lovely lady').

Shipping Cid in either of his animal forms would be difficult to justify, except perhaps a really weird Cid/Quina fic that involved Cid trying not to get eaten.

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