Marcus (Final Fantasy IX)

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Name: Marcus
Occupation: Thief
Relationships: Dagger (acquaintance), Zidane (friend), Vivi (acquaintance), Steiner (enemy turned acquaintance), Freya (acquaintance), Quina (acquaintance), Eiko (acquaintance), Amarant (acquaintance), Regent Cid (friend), Blank ('bro'), Cinna (friend), Baku ('boss'), Zorn and Thorn (enemies), Beatrix (acquaintance)
Fandom: Final Fantasy
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Marcus is a supporting character in the Square Enix video game Final Fantasy IX.


At a glance, Marcus would be deemed intimidating by most, what with his piratey appearance and visible scars.

But if appearances don't deceive, he is actually a warm hearted, loyal friend, albeit a grumpy one. Like the rest of the Tantalus boys, his moral compass is always on point, and while his manners leave a bit to be desired, his 'rough edges' give him a likeable charm.



Marcus lacks Blank's good looks, but is more popular than Cinna when it comes to shipping, perhaps due to him being more plot relevant than either of them.

However, aside from rare fics where he manages to charm Garnet's affections, he is generally stuck with one of his 'bro's or Zidane or Baku when it comes to shipping.

Marcus and Ruby have a more.amiable relationship than Blank does with her, so she is slightly more likely to be shipped with him.

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