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Name: Cinna
Occupation: Thief
Relationships: Dagger (acquaintance), Zidane (friend), Vivi (acquaintance), Steiner (enemy turned acquaintance), Freya (acquaintance), Quina (acquaintance), Eiko (acquaintance), Amarant (acquaintance), Regent Cid (friend), Marcus ('bro'), Blank (friend), Baku ('boss'), Zorn and Thorn (enemies), Beatrix (acquaintance)
Fandom: Final Fantasy
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Cinna is a supporting character in the Square Enix video game Final Fantasy IX.


Cinna's volatile personality is highlighted many times during the events of Final Fantasy IX. Whenever things fall out of order, Cinna is generally the first to blow his top. This can be from anything as simple to being called 'uncle Cinna' by a certain 16 year old princess.

Cinna's small impact on the storyline is noticeable, even if it is as more of a control freak than a support.



Among the Tantalus boys, Cinna is probably the least popular. This could be due to his build, looks or personality, because none of them are deemed conventionally attractive.

However, if you do find Cinna being shipped, it will likely be with one of the Tantalus boys; Zidane, Blank, Marcus or Baku.

Cinna's Hammer

Despite being unobtainable (at least from Cinna), Cinna's trademark Hammer is the key to obtaining the greatest armour in Final Fantasy IX. It is instead obtained by acquiring all 12 Stellazio coins and delivering them to their collector, Queen Stella. Dissatisfied, she orders the player to find the 13th, for which she rewards them with a Hammer, not unlike Cinna's.

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