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Name: Baku
Occupation: Gang Leader
Relationships: Dagger (acquaintance), Zidane (adopted son), Vivi (acquaintance), Steiner (enemy turned acquaintance), Freya (acquaintance), Quina (acquaintance), Eiko (acquaintance), Amarant (acquaintance), Regent Cid (old frien), Marcus ('employee'), Blank ('employee'), Cinna ('employee'), Ruby ('employee'), Beatrix (acquaintance)
Fandom: Final Fantasy
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Baku is a supporting character in the Square Enix video game Final Fantasy IX.


The hulking leader of an infamous gang of thieves, Baku is a powerful man... bear... pig... thing, in every sense of the word. It barely takes more than a grunt to have one of his followers do his bidding, and those who defy him are punished.

But bear no ill will towards him; he does had a huge heart, and always knows the right course of action. Whether he acts on it is of course and entirely different.



As an obscure supporting character with no obvious partner, Baku is rarely shipped. However, he can get any of his men to do just about anything for him at a whim, so xZidane, xBlank, xMarcus and xCinna pairings are all perfectly viable, if potentially one sided.

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