Adelbert Steiner

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Name: Adelbert Steiner
Occupation: Knight of Pluto
Relationships: Dagger (protectee), Vivi (friend/revered being), Zidane (annoyance turned friend), Freya (friend), Quina (friend), Eiko (friend), Amarant (friend), Blank (acquaintance), Marcus (acquaintance), Baku (acquaintance), Zorn and Thorn (allies turned enemies), Beatrix (rival turned friend/love interest), Kuja (enemy)
Fandom: Final Fantasy
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Steiner is a main character in the Square Enix video game Final Fantasy IX.


Short tempered but good hearted, Steiner knows little outside of his sworn duties. Having enlisted with the Pluto Knights at the age of fifteen and having since risen to the rank of Captain, Steiner's all-too-serious personality and unwavering dedication has landed him in trouble more often than not.

Steiner was self-assigned as the personal guard to Princess Garnet when he was ejected from Alexandria by the famous band of thieves, Tantalus. In spite of a Prison Cage injecting carnivorous seeds into his body, Steiner refused to let down his guard, fearing for his Princess' life. A reluctant union had him joining forces with the black mage Vivi Ornitier, and Zidane Tribal, one of Tantalus' men. Despite Steiner's trust issues, the three rescued Garnet from the clutches of the Plant Brain with the help of Blank, another member of Tantalus.

Across the story, Steiner's blind faith towards Queen Brahne had caused him to fall for many a trap. Never did his allegiance crumble, however Steiner did learn the important lesson of thinking for himself. Steiner's independence grew steadily throughout the storyline, due to increased responsibility in the latter half, where he was practically helping rule Alexandria.

Steiner's trust for characters such as Zidane and Blank, characters he once considered lowlifes, also increased at a healthy rate across the story, to the point where Steiner was viewing Zidane with the same reverence he kept for Vivi. Towards the end of the game, Steiner practically volunteered his services as Zidane's right hand man, vowing to protect him like he once had for Garnet. It took time, but Steiner eventually learned not to judge a book by its cover.



Steiner is rarely shipped, due to suitable partners being difficult to find. However, pairings with Freya and Beatrix aren't unheard of.

Slash pairings with members of the Pluto Knights exist, but are considerably rarer.

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