Freya Crescent

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Name: Freya Crescent
Occupation: Dragon Knight
Relationships: Dagger (friend), Steiner (friend), Zidane (old friend), Quina (friend), Vivi (friend), Eiko (friend), Amarant (friend), Blank (acquaintance), Marcus (acquaintance), Cinna (acquaintance), Baku (acquaintance), Zorn and Thorn (enemies), Beatrix (enemy turned friend), Sir Fratley (love interest), Kuja (enemy)
Fandom: Final Fantasy
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Freya is a main character in the Square Enix video game Final Fantasy IX.


Distant and brooding, Freya is almost impossible to read. Her tongue may be sharp enough to cut any ego down to size, however the Burmecian Dragon Knight rarely uses it. Instead, most of her energy is focused on depression, and the longing for her elusive love interest, Sir Fratley.

Her search took her to the Festival of the Hunt where, by odd coincidence, she ran into an old friend, Zidane. The two competed in the festival, scoring point for point.

However, when the winner was ultimately decided, a Burmecian soldier had alerted them to trouble back in Freya's beloved hometown. She, along with Zidane and Vivi, left for Burmecia at the first opportunity.

After having become re-acquainted with an amnesia stricken Sir Fratley, Freya never quite overcame her grief for her loss.

Post game, she vowed to rebuild Burmecia with her surviving brethren. She may have been forgotten, but she won't forget.



Freya isn't commonly shipped, due in most part to being a rat. Many people either have trouble looking past the fact, or simply find rats disgusting. This therefore restricts her shipping opportunities.

However, she is successfully shipped with Steiner, Amarant, and her potentially canon lover Sir Fratley, all of which have at least some level of popularity. A femslash ship of Freya/Beatrix is also feasible, due to the similar team roles and experiences of the pair.

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