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Fans sometimes incorporate elements of punk culture in fanfiction and fanart. This may be because the canon incorporates elements of punk culture and aesthetics, or takes place in a time period where this culture was likely to be present (e.g. the 1970s).

Other times, the inclusion of punk culture might be part of an AU: a punk rock band AU, a historical AU, a high school AU where one or more characters is a punk, or a general punk AU.

Some fannish music may itself be classified as punk rock music; see Wizard Rock.

Since punk has many affiliations with left wing politics, sometimes the incorporation of punk into fanworks will also incorporate left ideologies with it. Quite often however, this isn't the case and the punk is purely aesthetics.

Punk Edits

On Tumblr, the most popular punk-related fanworks are punk edits: any photo of a person photoshopped to make them look like a punk (usually by adding tattoos, piercings, eye liner, and dyed hair). Not all edits are fan edits, but fans do post punk edits of their favorite celebrities or characters from TV or film. Typically, the subject is not already a punk, though it is possible to find "punk edits" of people associated with alternative music scenes or punk music.[1]

The ultimate origin of punk edits on Tumblr may be Disney fandom in 2011-2012. Punkifying Disney characters was part of a larger fanart trend in that fandom of creating "dark" versions of Disney characters. There are Punk Disney examples as far back as June 2011[2], though the beginning of the punk disney tag dates to December 11, 2011. However, these images were not labeled punk edits. The runaway popularity of the meme in other fandoms may be the fault of One Direction fans who started posting Punk Louis Tomlinson edits on or before December 12, 2012.[3] The punk edits tag only goes as far back as December 16, filled with fans having emotional melt downs over the Punk Louis edits already in circulation.[4]

How punk edits leaped from Disney to 1D is uncertain, but 1D Tumblr fans were definitely seeing punk Disney posts on their dashboards.[5] (Comparing 1D members to Disney characters is a favorite pastime on Tumblr.) The overlapping memes for "Punk Louis Tomlinson," "Punk Peter Pan," and "Peter Pan Louis" may or may not be a coincidence.

In 2014, YouTubers became aware of their fans making punk edits of them and started making "punk edits in real life" videos. Possibly the first was The New Me, posted by Marcus Butler August 18, 2014. Youtuber punk edits appear in the Tumblr tags almost as early as 1D edits[6], and one of the earliest danisnotonfire edits was actually posted by a 1D account.

Fanwork Examples

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Harry Potter Fanworks

Because the Marauders were at Hogwarts during the 1970s, they (particularly Sirius Black) are often depicted as punks or wearing punk-related clothing (e.g. a Sex Pistols T-shirt).

For examples of fanworks by punks, see ZineWiki.




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