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Pairing: Oliver Queen/Kara Zor-El
Green Arrow/Supergirl
Oliver Queen/Kara Kent (Smallville)
Oliver Queen/Kara Danvers (Arrowverse)
Alternative name(s): Superarrow, Karaver, Karoliver, Karaliver, Superhood,
Dark Arrow/Overgirl, Darkover (Earth-X)
Gender category: Het, M/F
Fandom: DC Comics, Green Arrow/Supergirl, Justice League Unlimited (DCAU), Smallville, Arrow/Supergirl (Arrowverse)
Canonical?: no in all canon except for Arrowverse's Earth-X
Prevalence: rare
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Oliver/Kara is a non-canon pairing of Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) and Kara Zor-El (Supergirl) in various DC Comics fandoms.


Although the pairing of Oliver/Kara is fairly rare, it has appeared in multiple DC related fandoms such as Smallville and the Justice League Unlimited, and recently with the Arrowverse/Supergirl.


In an episode of Justice League Unlimited, Kara and Oliver were on the same team in the episode "Initiation". Although both characters went off with other characters (Kara with Brainiac 5, Oliver with Black Canary), some fans took an interest of the Kara/Oliver ship.

As of April 11, 2016, there is 1 fic on AO3 with Kara/Oliver under the "DCAU" tag and is dated at 2007.


It isn't until Smallville that the pairing grew slightly more popular after both Oliver and Kara appeared in the series. The LiveJournal community, Kara_Oliver, was created in August 2007. However fanfics for the ship didn't start to appear on LJ and FFN until 2008. A few fanart such as manips and icons also appeared as well.

Arrow/Supergirl (Arrowverse)

An interest in the pairing appeared again soon after the release of Supergirl's pilot episode and later after the series premiered on television. A few fanworks for the ship such as gifs and picspams started to appear on Tumblr by November 2015. The pairing names "Superarrow", "Karaliver" and "Superhood" have started to appear for the ship as well. Popularity for the pairing grew with the "Invasion" Crossover episodes and the interactions between the two added canon scenes of them together, plus Stephen Amell admitting in interviews that Oliver was "smitten" with Kara[1].

The pairing is starting to appear in more fanworks on Tumblr, YouTube, and Archive of Our Own[2] since the 2017 crossover episode event "Crisis on Earth-X", which canonized the pairing between Earth-X Kara and Oliver (who are married)[3]. Although nearly all of the Oliver/Kara fans were disappointed[4] that it was the Nazis versions of the characters who were together, they were still generally excited to see a canon version at all[5]. Other Arrowverse fans were generally shocked or confused by the Overgirl/Dark Arrow pairing.[6]. Olicity fans harassed Stephen Amell's post of the kiss between the Earth-X characters, mocking their portrayal and chemistry.[7] As of November 2019, the pairing has 202 works on AO3[8][9].

"Evil Nazis aside - and that’s a phrase I never thought I’d say - I really love that both Ollie and Kara, even as their worst possible alternate selves, still love so fiercely and deeply and gently. Sadly, GIFs don’t convey the way the speak, but the softness in which Oliver says “I love you” is just pure Ollie. Also, that’s two characters I never expected to ship."[10]




  • Of Two Worlds Series by zathara001, Kara Danvers returns to Earth 1 to ask a favor of a certain Emerald Archer. (set Post-Invasion! episodes)
  • it’s a false world (with only fake hope) by Of the League (Serpyre), Hope. Her head tilted at the thought. What did they mean, by hope? Or, how Earth-X Kara Zor-El came to be. (Earth-X)







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