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Name: Nic
Type: fan writer, site maintainer, essayist
Fandoms: Earth 2, Babylon 5 VOY, XF, seaQuest, TS, Stargate SG1, Sliders, Star Wars, Press Gang, BTVS, AtS, Xena, DS
Communities: Soulmates
URL: NicFic (personal website); at A03
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Nic is a multifannish fan fiction writer. Early on, she provided the following description of herself on her website:
"Nic has been writing fan fiction since she was 7 years old and had no idea what the concept was. Since going online in 1996, she has posted almost a hundred stories in 12 fandoms. Some of it's good, some of it is very bad, and most of it can be found on this web site as an example. Nic has also read a lot of fanfic in even more fandoms (but that's because she is, at heart, a FAN)."