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Name: Area51 - Science Fiction, Fantasy
Dates: April 1996 - 1999
Fandom: science fiction, RPG, net fandom
at The Geocities Gallery
Index of /Area51 at ReoCities
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Area51 was a neighborhood in the GeoCities site, where several fansites were hosted in their suburbs. Some suburbs – fansites – of the Area5 have been archived under Wayback Machine, ReoCities and the project The Geocities Gallery at restorativland by Jacques Mattheij.

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Content Index

Suburbs extract from Featured Area51 Homesteaders

  • Area511125: Not sure whether to tune in to tonight’s Star Trek reruns? A moment with the Concise Star Trek Episode Guide may help you decide
  • Area51/1113: Science fiction and fantasy book reviews.
  • Area51/1276: Do aliens and UFOs really exist? These pictures may convince you
  • Area512442: Vote for your favorite X-Files episode!
  • Area51/2593: Peter's Fantasy and SF homepage is dedicated to his favorite science fiction authors.
  • Area512632: Gillian Anderson lets her hair down.
  • Area513897: Welcome, young Jedi, to Master Yoda's home page.
  • Area51/4800: A tribute to sanitation-engineer-space-hero Roger Wilco.
  • Area51/5777: The Tales of Teyle is an original role playing game for people who enjoy writing stories.
  • Area516037: Take a tour through Jaglin's World of Fantasy.
  • Area51/6754: A fan page for Lady Death and other Chaos!
  • Area51/Cavern/1001
  • Area51/Dreamworld
  • Area51/Vault/1219: Drop into Buckaroo Banzai's Bureau of Paranormal Activity.
  • Area51/Vault/3997: Pictures and images from Independence Day and the real Area51.

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