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Name: NCIS Fanfiction Awards
Date(s): 2004, 2005, 2009, 2010
Frequency: annual
Format: popular vote
Type: fanfiction
Associated Community:
Fandom: NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles‎ (2010)
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NCIS Fanfiction Awards was a NCIS fanfiction award site. It was started by B. Cavis for the first two rounds before bananacosmic took over.

2004 Winners

The Round first started in July 2004. Winners were announced on September 16, 2004.

2005 Winners

This round was started on July 13, 2005. The winners were announced by October 18, 2005.
Banner for Best Other Slash Romance for the 2005 awards, Stardust won.
  • BEST ANGST - "Boxing" by Rebecca
  • BEST POST-TWILIGHT FIC - "Dusk" by B. Cavis
  • BEST WIP - "Angel of Death" by ksl
  • BEST AU - "Five Things that Never Happened to Caitlin Todd" by Shannon
  • BEST HUMOR "Issums Bunny" by James
  • BEST CROSSOVERS - "Stardust" by kikkimax
  • BEST FANTASY - The Myths and Revelations Series by Nix
  • BEST POST-EP/MISSING SCENE (other than Twilight) - "Keeping Watch" by rebecca
  • BEST DRABBLES - "Fan Fiction" by Jessie
  • BEST POEMS - "Becoming" by Sequitur and "A Collection of Poetry" by Aeria
  • BEST CASEFILE - "Angels and Heroes" by Kikkimax
  • BEST SERIES - "Paradigm Shift" by rebecca
  • BEST AUTHOR - rebecca

ROMANCE - Het (Non-NC-18):

ROMANCE - Slash (NON NC-18):



  • BEST Kate/Gibbs - "Improper Bliss" by Kate98
  • BEST Other Het Romance(NC-18) - "Pavlovian Response" by rebecca (Abby/Gibbs)
  • BEST Multiple - "Midnight" by skripka and "Suits" by B. Cavis

Character focused:

  • BEST KATE FIC - "Fatal Dilema" by Ceindreadth
  • BEST TONY FIC - "Scar Tissue" by Revanche
  • BEST GIBBS FIC "Same Nightmare, Different Day" by rebecca
  • BEST MCGEE FIC - "That Way Lies Nambia" by medie and "Risky Discovery" by ksl
  • BEST ABBY FIC - "Worth Talking" by voleuse
  • BEST ARI FIC - "Bad Man" by B. Cavis
  • BEST OTHER CHARACTER FIC - "Difference Between Cowboys and FBI Agents" by ausiewanab

2009 Winners

The community was taken over by bananacosmic, and was announced on April 16, 2009. The winners were announced on September 1, 2009.

  • BEST Abby/Ziva - "Bowled Over" by Demoka
  • BEST Abby/McGee
    • Best Humor - “Rule 27” by LJC
    • Best Drabble - “Heartache” by Periwinkle27
    • Best Triple Drabble - "Alibi" by Ami Ven
    • Best Other - "For All The Good Times" by Ren
  • BEST Gibbs/Abby
    • Best Post Ep - "Scarlet Secrets" by Chirugal and "Made to be broken" by Driftingatdusk
    • Best Romance - "Stood Up" by ncis_love
    • Best other - "Acta Est Fabula" by Chirugal and "Elemental" by driftingatdusk
  • BEST Gibbs/Ducky
    • Best Romance - “Friends Make The Best Lovers” by Ashleigh Anpilova
    • Best Angst - “My Son's Boyfriend” by Ashleigh Anpilova, “The Crash” by Lorlee and “Where You Lead I Will Follow” by Willow
    • Best Humor - “What Did You Do For Lunch?” by Adrianna Coylho
    • Best AU - “To Those Who Wait” by Ashleigh Anpilova
    • Best Post-Ep - “Dulce Et Decorum” by CausticQuery
    • Best Drabble - “Next Year” by Lonely Walker
    • Best Double Drabble - “What Abby Saw” by Ashley Pitt
    • Best Triple Drabble - “Adesse” by CausticQuery
  • BEST Gibbs/Kate
  • BEST Gibbs/Tony
    • Best Angst - "Damage" by Xanthe
    • Best What If - "Ten Years On" by Xanthe
    • Best Romance - "The Second B is for Belonging" by Juli
    • Best Post-Ep/Missing Scene - "Struggling for Balance" by Weighted Scales
    • Best AU - "Hiding in Plain Sight" by Xanthe
    • Best Humor - "Tony's Dry Spell" by Xanthe
    • Best Fantasy - "Sensing Evil" by Lady Ra
  • BEST Gibbs/Ziva
    • Best Angst - "The Evening's End" by Ravenari
    • Best Post-Ep/Missing Scene/Episode Tag - "Two Hardened Hearts" by Ravenari
    • Best Romance - "Black Orchid" by Zabby
    • Best Other - "Desperate Measures" by Rainne
  • BEST Tony/Abby
  • BEST Tony/Kate
    • Best Angst - "Her Ruin" by hotelsugar
    • Best Romance - "Slices of a Life Worth Living" by Angelus1
  • BEST Tony/McGee
    • Best Angst - "Loving Him" by Bananacosmic
    • Best Romance - "Conversations" by Bananacosmic
    • Best Humor - "These things do happen" by xparrot
  • BEST Tony/Ziva
  • BEST Threesomes - “Nothing Vanilla” by Taylor Gibbs (Gibbs/Abby/DiNozzo)
  • BEST Best Casefile - "Gigolo" by Kikkimax and "What Lies Beneath" by Laine3112
  • BEST Best Gen
    • Best Angst - "Smarter Not Harder" by Amber-Chick and The Sweater" by Richefic
    • Best Drabble - "Darkness At Last" by Karababe_64
    • Best Humor - "The One Where Tony and Tim Read Fanfiction" by Xanthe
    • Best Other - "The Widening Gyre" by Donutsweeper
    • Best Post-ep/Missing Scene/Tag - "One He Gained and One He Didn't Want" by Kaylashay81
  • BEST Best Crossover
  • BEST Rare pairings - slash
  • BEST Rare pairings - het
    • Best What If - "Company Man" by Rainne (Kate/Ari)
    • Best Post Ep - "The Bachelor and The Bobbysoxer" by PhilLeeGirl (Tony/Maddie Tyler)
    • Best Romance - "A Life Dissected" by B.Cavis (Kate/Ari) and "The Bachelor and The Bobbysoxer" by PhilLeeGirl ([Tony/Maddie Tyler]])
    • Best Other - "The Bachelor and The Bobbysoxer" by PhilLeeGirl ([Tony/Maddie Tyler]])

2010 Winners


  • Best Abby/McGee
  • Best Gibbs/Abby
    • Best Romance - Mr. & Mrs. Gibbs by Jo
    • Best First Time - Drawing Down The Moon by Dannicawebb
    • Best AU - Sapphires And Emeralds by TaylorGibbs and Zabby
    • Best PWP - Battle Of Thrills by Chirugal
    • Best Other - Bittersweet And Broken by Chirugal and Defining Reality by Chirugal
  • Best Gibbs/Ducky
    • Best Romance - Twelve Ways to say I love you by Ren
    • Best Hurt/Comfort - Judging the Future by Sharpiesgal
    • Best AU/What if/Fantasy - Learning to Trust by Ashleigh Anpilova
    • Best Post Ep/Episode Tag - Time to Move On by Sharpiesgal
    • Best First Time - A Christmas Wish by Adrianna Coylho
    • Best Established Relationship - A Reston House Christmas by Ashleigh Anpilova
    • Best PWP - "Shower Series" by Ashley Pitt and "Unwind" by Adrianna Coylho
    • Best Drabble - "A House is Not a Home" by Periwinkle27, "Afterwards" by Ashley Pitt, and "He knows" by Periwinkle27
    • Best Other - "Occasions Universe" by Ashleigh Anpilova and "The Gift" by Periwinkle27
    • Best Angst - "Broken" by Adrianna Coylho and "Cosas Malas Suceden En El Camino A Mexico" by Willow, "Ducky's Nightmare" by Ashley Pitt, "Giving Thanks" by Ashleigh Anpilova, "Knowing" by Lady Hannibal, and "The Puzzle" by Sharpiesgal
    • Best Humor - "A Dog's Life" by Ashleigh Anpilova, "Dear Ms. Sciuto" by Sage Harbor, "It Looks Like a Duck" by Ashley Pitt, "Snowballing" by Periwinkle27, "The Things we do for Love" by Sage Harbor
  • Best Gibbs/Kate
  • Best Gibbs/Tony
    • Best Angst - The First Collar by Xanthe
    • Best AU/What if/Fantasy - Imprinted by the_proofreader
    • Best Drabble - Five Things Unsaid by Kaylashay
    • Best First Time - Imprinted by the_proofreader
    • Best Humor - Puppy Love by Xanthe
    • Best Hurt/Comfort - Andy by Xanthe
    • Best Other - Building the Future by Lady Ra
    • Best Post-ep/Missing Tag - A thousand miles (mend what is broken) by Chatona
    • Best Romance - Two Masters by Xanthe and Bottom Of the Ninth by Waldo
  • Best Gibbs/Ziva
  • Best Tony/McGee - Razor's Edge by Colorguard28
  • Best Tony/Ziva
    • Best Angst - Debris by Littlesammy
    • Best Hurt/Comfort - Time Fleeting by Littlesammy
    • Best AU - Of Jews and Gentiles by Sashile
    • Best Post Ep - "As I'm Leaving" by Ygrawn, "Paris-City of Cliches" by Nicis_anatomy, and "The Last Unspoken Summer" by Wildpeace
    • Best Drabble - "Undercovers or Under Covers" by heartundone and "Why?" by Ami-Ven
    • Best Other - Perspective by Ygrawn
  • Best Jenny/Kort
    • Best Romance - "All about Paris" by nicis_anatomy, "Just for her" by marciafan, "No Strings Attached" by gossipgirlxoxo
    • Best Other - "Guilty Pleasure" by nicis_anatomy, "The Director's Keeper" by nicis_anatomy, and "Too Late" by Ashleigh Anpilova
  • Best Tony/Abby - Honey And Almonds by Caos Accidentale
  • Best Gibbs/Mann - "Right Choice" by Enthused_Fish and "Saying Grace" by Robin baby
  • Best Gibbs/Jenny
    • Best Angst - Last Request by Marciafan
    • Best Other - "Awkward" by Kay_Pwns, "Jen, Jenny, And The Director" by Aserene, "Partner" by Kay_Pwns and "Rhapsody In Chanel" by Blood_Red_Alibi
  • Best Gibbs/McGee - Why Me? by Ashleigh Anpilova
  • Best Gibbs/Fornell - Don't Want to be Alone by Ashleigh Anpilova
    • Best Rare het - Bridge Over Troubled Waters by TaylorGibbs (Gibbs/Shannon)
    • Best Rare slash - Sometimes Second Best Will Do by Ashleigh Anpilova (Ducky/Fornell)
  • Best Gen
    • Best Angst - Not a Guest Room by richefic and Convincing the World He Didn't Exist by cheekymice
    • Best Hurt/Comfort - Fine Is A Four Letter Word by Secretchild
    • Best Humour - IDK, My BFF Gibbs? by Kira
    • Best AU - "Family" by xanthe, "Memories of me" by hinky hippo, "The Day Before The Day" by InsaneMelon
    • Best Character Study - Punching Bag by waldo
    • Best Post Ep/Missing Scene/Tag - There Loomed an Ogre by iantalia
    • Best Other - Christmas Present by richefic
  • Best Casefile - Means To An End by Laine3112 and Withdrawal by Laine3112
  • Best Crossover


  • BEST slash - дом by Waldo - Callen/Hanna
  • BEST non-slash - Counselling Session by Waldo - gen


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  • July 11th, 2004, the community ncis_awards was created by B. Cavis[1].
  • June 20th, 2009, B. Cavis writes in her journal that someone accused the awards as being rigged[2]. This suggests someone at least messaged her on it.


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