Stardust (Stargate SG-1/NCIS story)

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Title: Stardust
Author(s): Kikkimax
Date(s): 2004
Length: 46,040 words
Genre: crossover, slash
Fandom: Stargate SG-1, NCIS
External Links: Stardust (author's site)
Stardust (WWOMB)
Stardust (NCIS Fanfiction Archive)

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Stardust is a NCIS/Stargate SG-1 crossover by Kikkimax. The story is rated by the author as very mild slash with Daniel/Tony UST.

Summary: A man with no memory holds the key to three bizarre deaths.


The story won the NCIS FanFiction Awards 2005 in the categories "Best Crossover" and "Best Other Slash Romance" and it won the Stargate Fan Awards 2005 in the category "Best Crossover".[1]

Recs and Reviews

  • "NCIS finds a Daniel who has lost his memory (he seems to be doing that a lot). Long and very nice NCIS/SG crossover, with a bit of Daniel/Tony thrown in for good measure and lots of plot. And there's Tony/Gibbs and J/D UST, of course, because when is there ever not?[2]
  • "If you like crossovers, UST, conspiracies, amnesia!fic, Tony Dinozzo, car chases, and novella-length fanfics, then I guarantee you'll enjoy "Stardust". I've never watched NCIS but the characters are nicely drawn here. The plot is slowly teased out and, as a big fan of well-done crossovers, I really appreciate that nobody rushes to explain all the big classified secrets."[3]
  • "At first glance, it can be surprising how much carryover there is from Stargate fandom into NCIS, until you realize there are a lot of common throughlines between the two, especially with the characters, and Kikkimax exploits those throughlines beautifully. The focus of the story is a bond that springs up between Daniel (who's lost his memory again) and Tony DiNozzo [resident womanizer, undercover expert and sortof-protege to the team's gruff ex-Marine leader, Gibbs], with Daniel's amnesia making him something of a mirror to the other characters--especially Tony--giving all of them a chance to see themselves and their desires a little more clearly. I don't slash Jack/Daniel (although I do with Tony/Gibbs) but in this story the hints of it were so well explained and fit so naturally into the context of other events that I didn't mind it one bit. More importantly, after reading it I had a better understanding of *why* so many of us are drawn to both shows. Very much worth a read!"[4]
  • "Gibbs and his team are called in for an unusual murder case, and the only witness is the man the dead men had handcuffed to a chair at the time, surrounded by implements of torture. The only problem? An unfortunate case of amnesia: he can't remember a thing. The team take him into protective custody as a material witness, while they try to help "John" (Doe) jog his memory. The problem is, the only flashes of memory he *does* have include watching a large, deadly firefight which includes a pyramid shaped "Spaceship." I'd never seen NCIS when I read this fic, and had absolutely no idea who they were. By the time the fic was over (and it's a fairly long fic), I really wanted to know more about those guys. That's when I started watching NCIS. Yes, you have Kikkimax to blame for my current obsession with NCIS. It's all her fault, okay? Both casts are well drawn, perfectly believable and enjoyable characters, even if you don't get to see near as much of SG-1 as you do NCIS. Well, except for Daniel. The plot is good and solid, the descriptions fascinating, and I can see why both the Stargate Fan Awards and the NCIS FanFic Awards voted this fic top Crossover."[5]
  • "A friend recced this to me, and I was very doubtful about the crossover, but I gave it a shot anyway, and I'm glad I did. This is handled pretty much perfectly. The base fandom is NCIS, but here, NCIS just happens to exist in the SG1 universe. There are no awkward expository lumps, but she still fills in all the details you need, working with characters' reactions to show what's going on. The amnesia plot is a cliched standard, but as with all cliches -- they're cliches because they're fun to read. Done right, any cliche is delightful, and this was done right. Also, it's really fun watching Jack and Gibbs be all team-leader-y at each other. *g* Note: I'm an SG1 fan who's seen one or two NCIS eps, and I had absolutely no problem following the plot or relationships. I don't know if a non-SG1 fan would pick up on the SG1 stuff as easily, but I think the way it's set up, it's completely understandable even if you miss the finer points of the fandom." [6]


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