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Name: NCISFiction Archive
Date(s): Created in late 2004 (?), still active
Founder: Andromeda
Type: fandom specific fanfiction archive
Fandom: NCIS
URL: url
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NCISFiction Archive was founded sometime in late 2004. It closed in October 2007 due to heavy traffic that required a dedicated server, but the owner, Andromeda, didn't have the money to cover the cost. A month later, thanks to generosity of Walter from, the archive came back on a new server and with its own domain.[1]


As of February 10, 2017 the archive has:

  • Members: 21007
  • Series: 2
  • Stories: 4082
  • Chapters: 9293
  • Word count: 3025358
  • Authors: 522
  • Reviews: 2630
  • Reviewers: 447

As far as categories go:

  • Gen [1179]
  • Slash [1848]
  • Het [1085]
  • Mixed Up [54]
  • Non-English [30]


  1. main page from the Wayback Machine showcasing the news posts in question, accessed February 10, 2017