Mundane-Mage Romance

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Synonyms: Muggle-Mage Romance
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The Mundane-Mage Romance, also known as the Muggle-Mage Romance, is a romantic trope in both fanon and canon. It involves a "normal" character (typically referred to as a Muggle or mundane) in a relationship with a mage, superhero, god/demigod, angel, demon, or other character with magical or supernatural powers.

Such relationships may be unremarkable in the characters' world or they may present challenges that need to be overcome. In worlds in which magical people are viewed as superior to non-magical people, or conversely in which magical people are a persecuted or feared class, the relationship may be taboo or even forbidden.

The power imbalance may not impact the relationship or it may lead the powered character to take on a protective role. Sometimes the power imbalance is also depicted as leading to abusive situations.


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