List of The Walking Dead Pairing Names

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The Walking Dead is filled with minor and major characters, and offers incredible amount of possible pairings. Walking Dead ships tend to use portmanteaus instead of full virgule titles, although this is mostly the case after a ship becomes popular enough within the fandom. Below is the list of the most common pairings and their associated names.

Common Pairing Names

Het Pairings

Primary Pairing Name Portmanteau /
Other Names
Abraham Ford/Rosita Espinosa Abrasita
Beth Greene/Daryl Dixon Bethyl
Carl Grimes/Enid Carnid
Daryl Dixon/Carol Peletier Caryl
Carol Peletier/Tobin Cabin
Carol Peletier/Tyreese Williams Cyreese
Daryl Dixon/Michonne Dixonne, Dichonne
Ezekiel/Carol Peletier Carzekiel
Glenn Rhee/Maggie Greene Gleggie
Merle Dixon/Andrea Harrison Mandrea
Merle Dixon/Beth Greene Meth
Merle Dixon/Carol Peletier Marol
Morgan Jones/Carol Peletier Corgan
Rick Grimes/Andrea Harrison Rickandrea
Rick Grimes/Beth Greene Brick
Rick Grimes/Carol Peletier Carick
Rick Grimes/Lori Grimes Lorick
Rick Grimes/Maggie Greene Raggie, Magrick
Rick Grimes/Michonne Richonne
Sasha Williams/Abraham Ford Sabraham
Sasha Williams/Bob Stookey Sashkabob
Shane Walsh/Lori Grimes
Tyreese Williams/Karen

Femslash Pairings

Primary Pairing Name Portmanteau /
Other Names
Michonne/Andrea Harrison Michandrea
Tara Chambler/Beth Greene Tareth
Tara Chambler/Denise Cloyd Tarise
Tara Chambler/Rosita Espinosa Rositara

Slash Pairings

Primary Pairing Name Portmanteau /
Other Names
Aaron/Eric Aaric
Aaron/Jesus Jaaron
Carl Grimes/Negan Cegan
Daryl Dixon/Aaron Daaron
Daryl Dixon/Glenn Rhee Darlenn
Daryl Dixon/Jesus Desus, Darus
Daryl Dixon/Merle Dixon Dixcest, Dixoncest
Daryl Dixon/Negan Neryl
Daryl Dixon/Shane Walsh Sharyl
Rick Grimes/Daryl Dixon Rickyl
Rick Grimes/Jesus Jerick
Rick Grimes/Negan Regan, Negick
Rick Grimes/Shane Walsh Sharick

Threesomes & Moresomes

Primary Pairing Name Portmanteau /
Other Names
Daryl Dixon/Aaron/Eric Daaric
Daryl Dixon/Aaron/Jesus Jaaryl
Daryl Dixon/Beth Greene/Rick Grimes Brickyl
Daryl Dixon/Rick Grimes/Carol Peletier Carickyl
Daryl Dixon/Rick Grimes/Jesus Jerickyl
Daryl Dixon/Rick Grimes/Michonne Rixonne
Daryl Dixon/Rick Grimes/Shane Walsh Sharickyl
Rick Grimes/Shane Walsh/Lori Grimes Grimalsh