Carl Grimes/Enid

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Pairing: Carl Grimes/Enid
Alternative name(s): Carnid
Gender category: Het
Fandom: The Walking Dead (TV Series)
Canonical?: Yes
Prevalence: Minor
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Carl Grimes/Enid, also known as Carnid, is a het pairing of Carl Grimes and Enid from the Walking Dead fandom.

Hopefully this relationship can continue for a while, and fans can finally watch Carl take on his most dangerous and terrifying challenge yet - loving a woman.The Walking Dead: Two Characters Finally Kiss - Charlie Ridgely


Carl and Enid first meet mid way through Season 5 when the survivors are accepted into the Alexandria Safe Zone, at this point Enid is in a relationship with Ron Anderson. Carl and Enid are both outsiders, although Carl has always been part of a group, while Enid spent a great deal of time alone. Carl soon finds out that Enid sneaks out of the safe zone, he follows her, finding out that, like him, she sometimes needs the freedom available outside the walls. From that point forward they develop a friendship. At the beginning of Season 6 the Wolves attack Alexandria, Enid helps Carl defend Judith, but afterwards she decides to leave permanently. Enid returns after she finds Glenn and he convinces her that running is not the answer. Ron is killed by Michonne, after he shoots Carl damaging his eye. In Season 7 Carl and Enid travel to Hilltop together, during which they share their first kiss. Carl decides to hide in one of the Saviors trucks, going to the Sanctuary, and planning on killing Negan. Enid tries to talk Carl out of his plan without success. Carl's plan fails and he is returned to his father Rick Grimes by Negan. Carl dies mid Season 8 after being bit by a walker.


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