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Name: Glenn Rhee
Occupation: Former Pizza Delivery Boy, Atlanta Group Supply Runner, Prison Council Member, Former Alexandria Safe-Zone Supply Runner
Relationships: Maggie Greene (Wife), Beth Greene (Sister-In-Law), Hershel Greene (Father-In-Law), Shawn Greene (Step-Brother-In-Law), Josephine Greene (Mother-In-Law), Unborn Child
Fandom: The Walking Dead (TV series)
Other: Played by Steven Yeun
"painting of a head and shoulders portrait of Glen on a dark background, text at the bottom reads 'The Walking Dead'"
The Walking Dead - Gleen by guimarconi (2013)
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Glenn Rhee is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and is portrayed by Steven Yeun in the AMC television series of the same name. He was a popular, fan favorite character on the horror-drama series.

Glenn has repeatedly been described by many ... as “the heart of the show.”[1]


TV Series

Glenn makes his first appearance in Season 1, Episode 1 when he makes contact with Rick. He helps save Rick from a group of walkers and introduces him to the survivors. Glenn is a runner, a scavenger, who finds and collects supplies for the group. In Season 2 Glenn meets Maggie and they begin a romantic relationship, he also develops a close familial relationship with Maggie's father Herschel. In Season 3 Glenn and Maggie are captured by Merle and taken to the Governor, where they are abused. The group rescues them, but Glenn experiences lingering issues from their treatment. At the end of season Glenn proposes to Maggie and they are married. In season 4 Glenn contracts a deadly illness that is spreading through the prison, but with the help of Herschel he survives. After the fall of the prison Glenn and Maggie are separated, after a long journey and with the help of new friends they are reunited. After the group makes the Alexandria Safe Zone their home Glenn and Maggie reveal they are expecting a child. At the end of Season 6 a group of the survivors is captured by the Saviors, and at the beginning of Season 7 Negan beats Glenn to death with a baseball bat.


Perfection Meme featuring Glenn, illustrating how many fans felt about his character



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  • Dumpster Controversy: The show was criticized for Glenn's fake death in Season 6. After his apparent death at the hands of walkers the show removed Steven Yeun's name from the opening credits,[3] and made the fans wait several episodes before revealing Glenn's fate.[4] The showrunners were accused of trolling the fans.[5] Fans started to question Glenn's death immediately,[6] because Steven Yeun did not appear on the Talking Dead after the episode aired and there was no mention of Glenn in the "in memoriam" segment.[4]
  • Negan kill: Some fans where upset that Glenn was chosen to be one of Negan's victims in Season 7, Episode 1. Although comic book fans argued that it was Glenn's fate from the comics, others pointed out that the show had previously changed many comic book story lines.[7] The show was accused of killing off it's only Asian main character in favor of developing the white characters.[8] Many fans also thought that all that would be remembered about Glenn was his especially gruesome death.[9][10]

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