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Name: Maggie Greene Rhee
Title/Rank: Leader of the Hilltop
Location: Georgia, zombie apocalypse
Status: Alive
Relationships: Glenn Rhee (husband), Herschel Greene (father), Beth Greene (sister), unborn child
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Other: played by Lauren Cohan
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Maggie Greene Rhee is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and is portrayed by Lauren Cohan in the AMC television series of the same name.

There are very few success stories on "The Walking Dead," but the rise of Maggie Greene is certainly one of them that shines bright in the dark and grim tale of the zombie apocalypse[1]


TV Series

Maggie is introduced in Season 2 when Rick's group seek refuge at her family farm. She soon begins a romantic relationship with Glenn Rhee. After the farm is destroyed by a herd, Maggie and her family become members of Rick's group of survivors. She helps to clear the prison and delivers Lori's baby by c-section. Glenn and Maggie are captured by Merle Dixon who takes them to The Governor, where are interrogated and abused. They are rescued and return to prison. At the end of Season 3 Glenn and Maggie marry. After her father dies and the prison falls Maggie is separated from Glenn. Travelling with Sasha and Bob they search for Glenn, and find him near the end of season 4. Shortly after the group is welcomed into Alexandria Maggie learns she is pregnant. At the beginning of Season 7 Negan brutally kills Glenn. Maggie goes to the Hilltop for medical attention and decides to relocate there permanently. She ends up taking on a leadership position within the Hilltop colony.




Common Tropes in Fanworks


  • Sexual assault: In Season 3 when Glen and Maggie are captured and brought to Woodbury The Governor forces Maggie to strip and touches her inappropriately. Many fans felt this scene was unnecessary in that the audience was already aware that The Governor was not a good person. Plus, fans were disappointed with how the aftermath was handled, feeling that Maggie's possible trauma was not addressed.[3]
  • Glenn's death and aftermath: There were criticisms of how Glenn's death and the aftermath were handled. Glenn's death is shown from Rick's POV instead of Maggie's.[4] Maggie's grief, anger and processing of Glenn's death were given minimal screen time in Season 7, when many thought "This season should be about Maggie. She should be the chief protagonist, fully invested in seeking vengeance on Negan for brutally murdering her husband."[5]


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