Merle Dixon

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Name: Merle Dixon
Occupation: Former drug dealer
Title/Rank: Governor's lieutenant
Location: Georgia
Status: Deceased
Relationships: Daryl Dixon (brother)
Fandom: The Walking Dead (TV Series)
Other: played by Michael Rooker
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Merle Dixon is character on AMC's horror-drama series The Walking Dead, portrayed by Michael Rooker. He does not appear in The Walking Dead comics.

The strength of his character shows in his love for his brother ... So, he’s human, and the flaws we see in Merle are ones that we’re likely to encounter, even without the zombie apocalypse.[1]


At the beginning of the series Merle is high and shooting walkers from a rooftop drawing attention to their group's location. Rick handcuffs him to a pipe, and the group leaves him there. When the group returns with his brother Daryl they discover he cut his hand off in order to escape, and disappeared. In Season 3 he returns as The Governor's lieutenant, when he is tracking Michonne he runs into Glenn and Maggie capturing them. He beats Glenn to get him to reveal the location of their camp. After Rick's group attacks The Governor blames Merle and pits him against his brother. With help Merle and Daryl escape, at first they go off on their own, but eventually return to the Prison. Rick considers turning Michonne over to The Governor in order to broker a peace, Merle believes Rick won't be able to follow through and kidnaps Michonne. On the way to the meeting place Michonne and Merle talk and Merle lets her go. Merle ambushes The Governor's group, but his plan ultimately fails and The Governor kills him.




Common Tropes in Fanworks

  • Pastfic: concentrating on Merle's childhood and youth
  • Missing Scenes: exploring what took place between Season 1, when he is separated from the group, and Season 3
  • Abuse: focusing on the abuse he experienced from his father, and his treatment of Daryl
  • Addiction: addressing Merle's drug abuse
  • No Zombie Apocalypse AU: Modern setting where no Zombie Apocalypse occurs
  • Merle lives: Merle does not die at the hands of The Governor
  • Supporting character: Merle is often a secondary character in stories focusing on his brother Daryl


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