Glenn Rhee/Maggie Greene

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Pairing: Glenn Rhee/Maggie Greene
Alternative name(s): Gleggie
Gender category: Het
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Canonical?: Yes
Prevalence: Common
Chibi Glenn & Maggie, fan art by bear-arms. This piece was shared greatly, sometimes with or without attribution, before it was ultimately deleted from Deviantart, sometime after 2016
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Glenn Rhee/Maggie Greene, commonly known as Gleggie, is a het pairing of Glenn Rhee and Maggie Greene in The Walking Dead fandom. They have a canon relationship, in both the comics and the TV series, that begins in Season 2 and ends in Season 7, Episode 1 when the character of Glenn was killed by Negan.

The budding relationship between Glenn and Maggie has served to emotional ground the show in the face of otherwise incredible immorality and horror.Glenn of The Walking Dead is the Best Response to Anti-Asian Stereotyping - Jenn


TV Series

Glenn and Maggie meet in Season 2 and begin a relationship shortly there after. By the end of the season they have declared their love for one another and committed to a relationship. In Season 3, Glenn proposes to Maggie and from that point onward are considered married (there being no need for a formal ceremony because of the Zombie Apocalypse). They are separated after the fall of the prison in Season 4, but after a long journey and assistance from follow survivors they are reunited near the end of the season. After settling in the Alexandria Safe Zone, Glenn and Maggie reveal that she is pregnant. When complications arise a group tries to transport Maggie to the Hilltop Colony to consult the doctor, at this point they are captured by Negan's Saviors. Negan beats Abraham and Glenn to death with a baseball bat.


Putting little significance on their racial identities was seen as unusual, especially for Glenn's character who is "Conspicuous among other Asian American characters, Glenn’s racial background does not define or justify his presence."[1] Also having an Asian male/White female pairing was seen as important because "in fiction or in real life, Asian men, unlike their female counterparts, seem to have it tough when it comes to dating people outside of their race".[2]


  • Death and aftermath: There were criticisms of how Glenn's death and the aftermath were handled. Glenn's death is shown from Rick's POV instead of Maggie's.[3] Maggie's grief, anger and processing of Glenn's death were given minimal screen time in Season 7, when many thought "This season should be about Maggie. She should be the chief protagonist, fully invested in seeking vengeance on Negan for brutally murdering her husband."[4]
  • Lack of diversity: The show was accused of only having room for one interracial relationship, killing off two interracial couples, Glenn/Maggie and Sasha Williams/Abraham Ford, in favor of Richonne.[5]



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