Glenn Rhee Appreciation Week

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Name: Glenn Rhee Appreciation Week
Date(s): March 22-28, 2015
Moderator(s): Glenn Rhee Network
Type: fan edits, gif sets
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Associated Community:
URL: glennrheenetwork; archive link
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Glenn Rhee Appreciation Week, or Glenn Week, was a fanweek challenge based on prompts. All fanworks had to be about Glenn Rhee. The challenge was focused mainly on fan edits.


  • Day 1: favorite episode
  • Day 2: favorite quote(s)
  • Day 3: favorite relationship
  • Day 4: favorite walker kill scene
  • Day 5: personality trait
  • Day 6: favorite scene/moment
  • Day 7: anything you want

Example Fanworks