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Many of the links were pulled from Alice's list.

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Yahoo! Groups

  • Akajabohomo Akajabohomo; archive link Description: "Come one, come all of those who believe there is more to Captain Janeway and Seven of Nine's relationship....We all know it's true! Janeway and Seven are meant for one another! And we shall overcome! This is the mailing list for the akajabohomo website"
  • Sauce for the Goose Website: (offline) Discussion. Description: "Sauce for the Goose is sauce for the gander", slash isn't just about the boys anymore, please join us to talk about femslash, erotic fanfic about women, homophobes and misogynists need not apply
  • Slash Circle 2 Website: (offline) Description: for people who love slash (female/female), post fanfiction, fanart, links and chat about slash, all serials and films, all slash
  • FF Fan Fic (Yahoo! Groups mailing list) Website: archive link Description: "A Group for devotees of Fan Fiction, who happen to want to see two or more female characters in a romantic relationship with each other. I know that there are over 1000 Groups on Fan Fiction, but I wanted to create a group for Lesbian and Female Bisexual (or Female SLASH or Fem SLASH) stories only... Okay, there are a few groups that are for F/F stories too, but they are almost all specialized to one fandom... Star Trek, or Xena: Warrior Princess... I wanted to create a list where all "Fandoms" were allowed. Any Book, TV show, or Movie's charatcters are allowed. Alternate reality is okay too. The only rule is that it is lesbian or female bisexual fantasy exclusively... Doesn't necessarily have to be smut either, feelings too, may be dealt with... A very erotic topic, that is not often written about in this genre. Because of it's nature, this group will obviously have adult content. Since Yahoo! is threatening to delete any "Adult" group that has underaged members all members must: HAVE A YAHOO PUBLIC PROFILE. PROFILE MUST INCLUDE YOUR AGE. AGE MUST BE AT 18 YEARs OLD (Or older). I ask that every member read and adhere to the "Submissions Guidelines" in the first post to the list. About the only thing that will get you banned, is posting off topic, or flames of other authors ..."
  • All My Lesbians Website: archive link Fandom: [[All My Children] Description: "This mailing list is dedicated to the lesbian and bisexual female characters on the daytime soap opera, All My Children. The most prominent of which are Bianca and Lena. Discussion, fanfics, and other such things about the characters and the show are the main point but we can get off topic. The discussion about the show and its episodes is at times extensive on list. If you don't like reviews or daily recaps, please keep this in mind before joining. You must be a legal adult to join."
  • CordynWillow Website: archive link Fandom: Angel Description: "A list dedicated to fanfiction & discussion of the relationship between the seer & the witch. Willow/Cordy slash is the focus, but friendship stories are allowed too. You may also post fanfiction for other couples if Cordelia/Willow is included (example: If you want to post a story where the focus is Angel/Xander, but Cordy/Willow romance is mentioned, go right ahead!)"
  • lilahslash Website: archive link Fandom: Angel Description: "A mailing list that gets Lilah (slashtastic lesbo lawyer from Wolfram and Hart with the great line in killer suits) in the mood for lurve with any female character from the Buffyverse - or beyond... Fanfic, spoliers, general Lilah/Stephanie Romanov (that'd be the actress who plays her, the sexy minx) discussion/drooling welcome. Oh, yeah, you gotta be over 18. Unless you live in Denmark. Visit the lilahslash website:"
  • DarlaAndDru Website: archive link Fandom: Angel Description: "Ok, I was totally blown away by the lesbian action in "The Trial", so I've started this list so that people could post f/f slash fanfiction about those two lovely vamp ladies in Angel's life: Drusilla & Darla. The focus of the list is Darla/Dru, but I will accept other f/f stories as long as either Dru or Darla is the focus of them. The list is for fic of all ratings, G to NC-17, so if you're under 18 or are offended by the idea of sex between two women then you probably don't want to join this list. Your listmom, -Harley Quinn"
  • Talia Ivanova Fan Fic Website: archive link Fandom: Babylon 5 Discussion. If you write fan fiction, this is a place where you can share it, or if you like to read about Talia and Ivanova. Note: The stories can be romantic or erotic in content. Poetry/lyrics also welcome. We may also welcome other F/F fan fiction for other tv shows or movies that Claudia or Andrea have been in. But this is strictly Lesbian Fan Fiction."
  • Sticky Fingers Website: archive link (note that this yahoo group address now goes to something unrelated) Fandom: Buffy Description: "Mmm... Tara. We love Tara. We want more Tara. We'd love to see her past (or future?) love life explored. This list will host stories about Tara's other female lovers, before or after Willow. All ratings are welcome."
  • MiraculousLove Website: archive link Fandom: Buffy Description: "A discussion/fanfiction mailing list devoted to the possibility of a romantic relationship between Buffy and Tara from the tv show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. If you're looking for quality Buffy/Tara fanfic or you'd like to discuss the relationship between them you have come to the right place. So if you're a B/T 'shipper (I know there has to be somebody out there who likes T/B as a couple besides me.) or you're just curious come and join the list where blondes really do have more fun."
  • willtara Website: archive link Fandom: Buffy Description: "This is an adults-only list for those who believe that something is starting to happen between Willow and Tara from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Fanfic, subtext discussions, and other craziness dedicated to *the* new couple of the season. You must be a legal adult to join."
  • BuffyandDawn Website: archive link Fandom: Buffy Description: "Think there is a whole lot more to the Buffy/Dawn relationship than just platonic sibling interaction? We do, too. They are not *really* related what with Dawn being the key and all. Plus, they are totally adorable together. This list is dedicated to Dawn/Buffy shippage. Buffy/Dawn discussion, fanfic, and general Buffy discussion is all welcomed. stop reading and sign up!"
  • BuffyLovesWillow Website: archive link Fandom: Buffy Description: PG "This list serves as a meeting place for all fans of the Buffy/Willow romantic relationship. There will be discussions of episode shippyness, fiction, webpage listings, an offical chatroom at, and general mischief and mayhem. Please join the fun!" "The BuffyLovesWillow list was created to bring all the fans of our favorite Slayer and Hacker and their relationship together in a place to chat and share their desires. Here we have discussions of episode shippyness, fanfiction, webpage listings, and other general Buffy/Willow goodness. There's also an offical chatroom over at TalkCity called Mischief, which fully fits up to it's name, if you want to meet a few of us first; but don't be scared, it's more fun than you think ;). If you are a shipper, or just think they might look good together, then join the fun! For all those new to the list (it was previously on eGroups), we have it archived on eScribe. The main fic archive for the lists is Exquisite Coalescence. If you're over 18, you are encouraged also to join the BuffyWantsWillow group to enjoy some of the unseen sides here on BlW. Also, don't forget to check Mad-Hamlet and Jamie's JAABAW!.It's a Buffy/Willow forum.Really worth the visit.."
  • FaithandDawn Website: archive link Fandom: Buffy Description: "Think Faith and Dawn would make a kicky couple? We do too. This list is dedicated to the discussion and possibilities of the Dawn/Faith shippage & interaction. Fanfic (shippy or non-shippy) is welcome as long as it contains Faith/Dawn interaction. Here we'll celebrate the non-subtext between Faith & Dawn because we know there would have been sparks if there had been any interaction. :) So stop reading now and join!"
  • AnyaSlash Website: archive link Fandom: Buffy Description: "A list for Slash based Fanfiction of Anya / Anyanka from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. All f/f pairings welcome, including Faith/Anya, Cordelia/Anya, Willow/Anya, Buffy/Anya and Tara/Anya. As this list is based on homosexual content, minors and people who dislike adult content of this nature are asked to steer clear. Flamers will be disembowelled with a spork."
  • Willow_Tara Website: archive link Fandom: Buffy Description: "For fans of the budding lesbian relationship between Willow and Tara on BTVS. The most interesting new relationship on TV is the lesbian pairing of witches Willow and Tara on BUFFY. List will dis- cuss this as well as post poems and fanfic, etc. Over 16 only; no homophobes or narrow-thinkers, please!"
  • buffywantswillow Website: archive link Fandom: Buffy Description: "The BuffyWantsWillow list was created a little after BuffyLovesWillow, and was designed to show the steamier side of the relationship of our favorite Slayer and Hacker. By now, it has become a meeting place for all fans of the Buffy/Willow ship who are over the age of 18 (due to content). We have discussions of episode shippyness, fanfiction, webpage listings, and other general Buffy/Willow goodness. If you are a shipper, or just think they might look good together, then join the fun! For all those new to the list (it was previously on eGroups), we have it archived on eScribe. The main fic archive for the lists is Exquisite Coalescence."
  • Daria Slash Website: archive link Fandom: Daria Description: "A mailing list devoted to slashing the characters of the animated mtv show Daria. Fanfiction, Discussion, and Fanart are specially welcome on this list. The list is open to any Daria pairing whether it's Daria/Jane, Trent/Jesse, Kevin/Mack, Sandi/Quinn, or anything in between. For those who are unaware slash is a romantic or sexual relationship between two characters of the same gender."
  • Whatever_Weaver_Wants Website: archive link Fandom: ER Description: "An ACTIVE f/f slash list, centering around Drs. Kerry Weaver and Kim Legaspi. Whatever Weaver wants, Weaver gets. This is a group for Kerry Weaver fans who are supportive of the f/f relationships she is in, has been in, and could be in. Let's talk, let's discuss, let's write fanfiction! ;) I have one request, however. If you join this list, please be gay-friendly. This is not the list for intolerance, inflamatory commentary, or hate mail. Thank you!!!"
  • Noir_Shoujoai_Discussion Website: archive link Fandom: Noir Description: "This group is about the romantic relationship between Mireille Bouquet and Kirika Yuumura, as well as shoujoai in general. We wish everyone to post essays, rants, character examinations, fanart, fanfics, links etc. In addition, I would like to give thanks to the YuriML group, which has made this possible in retrospect. As for warnings, you will be banned if you bitch about lesbianism, or think it's disgusting etc. No second chances. Everyone else who is open-minded enough to appreciate the beautiful and loving relationship between Mireille and Kirika, I give you a warm welcome."
  • Tess-Isabel Website: archive link Fandom: Roswell Description: "Roswell Max Evans Liz Parker Isabel Evans Michael Maria Tess WB UC Unconventional fanfiction. Well, we all know that Isabel is totally uninterested in Alex....and she is not even attracted to that kinda makes you wonder? Right? well, that's because Tess and Isabel are soulmates!!!! You KNOW it's true!!! So join this list now and BE PROUD to be a Tess/Isabel shipper!
  • starsinlove Website: archive link Fandom: Sailor Moon Description: For the hypothetical coupling of Aino Minako/Sailorvenus and Tome Hotaru/Sailorsaturn, main language: English, also accepting German. "This is the very first Minaru-group on the net. Minaru stands for the possible (but completely without any proof by Anime and/or Manga) relationship of Aino Minako and Tomeo Hotaru from Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon. The group deals with everything around this coupling, fanart, fanfics, discussions, whatever you want. Post language is English (yet there is enough tolerance for those whose English isn't the best). We have a strict (but fair) "No Lurkers" policy. If you join, you are required to participate as a member of the community."
  • female_sports_slash Website: archive link Fandom: Sports, RPS Description: "This is a group for f/f sports slash fanfiction. Sorry, no m/m slash; if that's what you're looking for, the sportsslash group is a treasure trove. If you don't like slash (that's same-gender relationships, in this case female/female), kindly go elsewhere. All athletes and sports are welcomed (team and individual; college and pro; original and real-people slash)...Feel free to post stories, photos, articles, feedback, discussions of athletes/pairings with slash potential, etc. When posting fic, please include a disclaimer and rating. Have fun, play nice, and start slashin'."
  • WWfemslash Website: archive link Fandom: West Wing Description: "A group for devotees of the West Wing who love seeing two or more of the female characters in romantic relationship with each other. Fan Fiction is more than welcomed and an archive is being arranged. Because this list will have discussion of an adult nature I ask that each member send an age statement to"


  • List Name: CordySlash (the archive says the fiction is from its mailing list, some info is here) Fandom: Angel Description: fanfiction list for the ultra-glamorous, ultra-slashable Cordelia Chase