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You may be looking for HPfemslash, the Harry Potter Yahoo! Group founded in 2002.

Mailing List
Name: hpfemmeslash, "A group dedicated to Harry Potter f/f slash and related discussions"
Date(s): 29 October 2000 - present
Moderated: no
Founder(s): Heather (Asterix)
Type: fanworks & discussion
Fandom: Harry Potter
Scope: femslash
URL: hpfemmeslash at Yahoo! Groups
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hpfemmeslash is a Harry Potter mailing list for femslash fanworks and discussion. It was originally started as a eGroup, but the service soon merged into Yahoo! Groups.

The list was started by Heather in October 2000. It was last active through 2004, at which time it started to become inundated with spam. As of September 2004, the Yahoo! group had nearly 550 members, though it's unclear how many of those were spambots.[1]

As of 2013, the Yahoo! group is still online and has open membership.

Group description:

Sick of all the HP yaoi-dominated lists? Think Hermione, Ginny, Cho, Lavender and the rest should get a little girl-girl action?? Well this is the list for you!!! A place to post fics, share artwork, or basically just chat. This list may contain adult topics, so bear that in mind; but I'm not imposing an age restriction. Have fun!!


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