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Femme Fuh-Q Fest was a Fuh-Q Fest. Its focus was on female characters in Star Trek.

The first one was in September 2000, making it a very early one.

The Femme Fuh-Q Fest was home of the "Silver Labia Awards."

The Geocities site (http://www.geocities.com/femme_fuhq_fest/) housed over 320 Star Trek f/f slash stories. An archived link for the stories by author is here.

The Femme Fuh-Q Fest, Archived version

The 2007 Intro

All who join us are required to write at least one story for the Fest.

What in the blasted universe is this?

Well, we suppose that's a valid question...

The Femme Fuh-Q Fest is a writing challenge ... where we are encouraging authors to pair up their favorite STAR TREK leading lady, with the female character(s) of their choice. The objective is to create a wide variety of femslash for your reading pleasure. Although this challenge is primarily for f/f fanfiction, het pairings will be allowed (although hopefully not as the main focus of the story ... if you know what I mean.)

Authors all over the fandom are participating. TOS'ers, TNG'ers, DS9'ers, VOY'ers and ENT'ers alike. What does it mean? It means we're writing tender love stories, and sizzling hot sex-scenes ... and everything in between ... with all the lovely ladies of TREK!

Wanna join us? This is the Femme Fuh-Q Fest project. Inspired by all those who brought you the SFF, KFF, EFF, GFF, etc. [1]

The Mailing List

mailing list message history

The Femme Fuh-Q Fest Mailing List was founded September 23, 2000. The moderator was T'Lin.

Once again, it's the Ladies Turn!

WOW! 25 Rounds complete, with approx. 480 stories archived since September 2000!


Deadline - SUNDAY, June 20, 2010

The THEME for Round 26 is New Beginnings - Whether it's a promotion, transfer, birth or death, or anything else that would fit the theme ... let the girls have a bit of fun!

Please include one of the following Fab Five Femmes in your story:







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