Ivanova's Amazon Fighter Wing

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Mailing List
Name: Ivanova's Amazon Fighter Wing
Date(s): mid-1990s
Moderators/List Maintainers: Janis C
Fandom: Babylon 5
URL: Wayback link to website
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Ivanova's Amazon Fighter Wing was a Babylon 5 mailing list with a focus of Susan Ivanova.


A comment on Usenet in 1996: "Actually, we have enough dykes on the list who dig her that we've started our own little Ivanova's Amazon Fighter Wing." [1]


So -- is it the hair? Is it the eyes and the smile? Is it the personality, the take-no-prisoners attitude, the wit, the angst?

Or do you just want her bad?

Well, whatever it is, we understand -- fine doesn't even begin to describe the sexy, angsty Commander Ivanova. Sure, she's the only damned woman in television science fiction with real nobility, brass nards, and a purpose in life (at least since Major Kira was replaced with Visible Panty Line Kira on DS9). Sure, she takes ships out, blows stuff up, and gets to shoot the big guns and thumb her nose at all-powerful alien superbeings. Yeah, she looks damned fine in an Earthforce uniform. Okay, she gets a lot of the best lines on the show and fell in love with a slinky telepath.

But face it -- she's just plain hot.

The IAFW is a lesbian-and-bisexual oriented subset of the Marcus Cole Estrogen Brigade, founded when it was discovered that many of the MCEB-ers had a Thang for the Station Sarcasm Specialist played by the mah-velous Claudia Christian, as well. If you're curious or interested in joining -- take a look at the MCEB page to see what's involved. Since the IAFW is a subset of the MCEB, it's expected that you at least not detest Marcus, Attention Deficit Poster Boy and General All-Around Pretty Little Plaything -- but hell, who could detest someone that fine? Since the list is focused on Marcus, most of the drooling will be centered on him, so please keep in mind that it's not an Ivanova list per se.

Also running on the MCEB list is the Neroon Platoon, for those of us with a Thang for the Big, Bald, Boneheaded Bastard as well. Trust us, he's sexy. Really. [2]


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