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Mailing List
Name: SmallvilleSlash
Date(s): September 10, 2001 - present
Type: fics, fanart, discussion
Fandom: Smallville
Scope: slash & femslash
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SmallvilleSlash is a Smallville slash mailing list. It was mainly active during Smallville's early years 2001 to 2005, although activity didn't completely slow down until after 2007.

"Dedicated to the show "Smallville" and any and all non-canon relationships that can be derived from the show. This will predominantly be Lex/Clark and other m/m and f/f relationships, but is not limited to them. This list is for fics, fanart, discussion, and other things that fans get up to."

In 2003, there were 2000 members. [1] As of April 2, 2016, there were 984 members.


  1. "There's 2000 people on the largest Smallville slash fiction mailing list." -- comment at Entitlement in fandom (2003 essay)