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This article is about communities on social networking platforms. For other uses of the term, see Community.
Synonyms: Comm
See also: web forum
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On LiveJournal and other sites using LJ code (such as Journalfen and InsaneJournal), fans gather in communities to share fanworks, discuss source texts, debate, argue, form friendships, make enemies, etc.

The community feature was added to LiveJournal in December 2000.[1] Communities are journal accounts that allow posts from multiple users.

Any user can make a community on LiveJournal. Communites can be open or closed -- that is, they may accept new members automatically or may require permission from a moderator to join. Some communities require age statements before fans may join. Some communities are friends-locked by default or convention, especially if the theme is controversial, like incest or RPF. Some communities have open posting, others have posting restricted to a few maintainers or moderators.

Communities vs personal journals

Some LiveJournal users prefer to post their fanworks in their personal journals, where they have control over who has access and can decide when and whether to delete their work. They may only post links to their work in communities (or not post to communities at all). Therefore, fandom on LiveJournal is more diffuse, and fannish discussion more frequently happens in personal journals than communities.

Kinds of Communities


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