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You may be looking for the Mark Lenard zine Despatch, the Rat Patrol zine Desert Dispatches, or the Space: Above and Beyond zine Dispatches

Newsletter Community
Name: Despatches
Date(s): June, 2005 - present
Moderator: joyful_molly (LJ); sharpiefan (DW)
Founder: Skud, nolivingman
Fandom: Age of Sail
URL: livejournal; dreamwidth

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Despatches is a newsletter community on LiveJournal for the Age Of Sail fandom. It was founded by Skud and nolivingman in June, 2005[1] and is currently edited by joyful_molly. Other former editors include tootsiemuppet. The newsletter has around 600 subscribers.

There is also a Dreamwidth edition,[2] founded in September 2010 by Sharpiefan, the current editor. The Dreamwidth edition of the newsletter has over a hundred subscribers.


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