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Name: Sharpiefan
Alias(es): Sharpie
Type: fiction, vidding
Fandoms: Hornblower, Sharpe, Master & Commander, Star Wars, ST:DS9
Communities: Anything AoS
Other: Despatches
URL: Dreamwidth, AO3
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Sharpiefan, AKA Sharpie, is a member of the Age of Sail umbrella fandom, whose primary focus is on Sharpe, Hornblower and the Aubreyad/Master and Commander. Within the communities for the latter two, Sharpie is noted for her support of the (Royal) Marines, a minor background group who have very few members named on-screen.

While she has written some slashfic, this has generally been within the Sharpe universe and she has focused on the Sharpe/Lawford and Sharpe/Wellington pairing rather than the far more popular Sharpe/Harper pairing.

She fics, posting to the AO3 as well as her own fic journal, and has made several fanvids. While her fics are generally in the Sharpe or Hornblower, she has produced two or three fics for M&C and has also produced some fics in the Star Trek and Star Wars fandoms.

Notable Fics


(Links go to the AO3 where possible)