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Journal Community
Name: britpickery
Date(s): 2006 – present
Moderator: Wemyss
Founder: Wemyss
Type: LiveJournal britpicking community
Fandom: multifandom (all UK-canon fandoms)
URL:; archive link

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The britpickery community on LiveJournal was begun in August 2006 by Wemyss. It is different to – or, in American, from – other britpicking communities in two aspects. Firstly, its remit is for all fandoms having a UK source canon. Secondly, it does not confine itself to or indeed largely concentrate upon general issues of usage and spelling-and-grammar: rather, it answers questions on all details of British life, from tailors to titles, cricket to cream teas, songbirds to scrumpy.

It is an open community and accepts queries from anyone who should care to ask, member or non-member. Its index archive is maintained at britpicking.

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