The Sunnydale Herald

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Newsletter Community
Name: The Sunnydale Herald
Date(s): 2004 - Present
Moderator: Spuzz
Founder: Spuzz
Fandom: BtVS/AtS
URL: LiveJournal, Previous Location
Dreamwidth Mirror
Tumblr Mirror

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The Sunnydale Herald is a newsletter community on LiveJournal. It was founded by Spuzz in May, 2004[1], who ran it alone on the journal sd_herald. In September 2004 she moved the newsletter to a community journal, su_herald[2], and two editors, BlueSwan9 and Dodyskin, joined her[3]. Spuzz stepped down and passed administrative duties to menomegirl in 2009[4], who was managing the comm till 2012 until passing it to rahirah[5].

Sunnydale Herald also has active mirrors on dreamwidth (posting since 2010), and on tumblr (posting since 2015). Till 2015 Sunnydale Herald was also published on the BuffyWorld website, but that practise gradually died as new editors couldn't get posting access there.


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