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Femslash cons are a type of fan-run convention (fan cons).

Femslash cons tend to be small, pairing focused event. Most do not have guests, instead hosting panels and talks within their communities. In recent years however, as more queer relationships have been established in canon it has not been uncommon for related guests of a series to attend.

Currently Active Femslash Cons

See also List of Conventions Past and Present.

These are cons that are still running as of 2019. Cons are held every year unless otherwise noted.

  • ClexaCon, 2017-present (March). A Clexa and multimedia con held in Las Vegas, USA.
  • TGIF/F, 2016-present (February). Multimedia con held in Los Angeles, USA.
  • YaYuCo, 2005-present. A yaoi and yuri con held in Dachau, Bavaria, Germany.

Past Femslash Cons

These are femslash cons that are defunct, on hiatus, or always planned as a one-time event. Cons were held every year unless otherwise noted.