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Are you looking for fan knitted fandom scarves? See Fannish Clothing

Fandom Scarves are small vertical digital banners that feature a symbol of a group/faction/organization/etc from various canons. They started appearing around 2012 on Tumblr where they were added to fans' blogs to express their alignment to said group. The trend was presumably inspired by Harry Potter house scarves and may have been started by baelor,[1] who maintained a masterlist and whose tutorial for adding scarves to a tumblr blog was widely linked. Fandom scarves went out of style by 2017.[2]

The scarves are usually displayed on blogs either "hanging" from the top of the screen or from a sidebar box or other element and had to be added and positioned via HTML and CSS. Some fans used the scarves simply to display their fandoms and other interests in a graphic manner instead of a text list, while others used the banners as functional design elements by turning the hanging banner images into links.[3] This had a general impact on tumblr theme layouts even after the fandom scarves fell out of fashion, having flags/banners at the top or side of one's blog became a popular way to display links, updates, extra information, etc.[4]

There were also horizontal scarves inspired by the vertical scarves, suitable for being placed in any text box, such as in one's tumblr description, which was probably easier for many fans than figuring out the somewhat complex custom HTML required for the vertical flags.[5]

Fan Comments

I have discovered these Tumblr banners called Fandom Scarves that allow you to display on your blog all your various fandoms! They’re actually really chic looking, I can’t believe I haven’t seen them until now!

Going to try and code some of these babies onto this account! Easier than having to list all my fandoms![6]

me: wow look at this,, fandom scarves

me, ten minutes later: HOW MANY CAN I POSSIBLY FIT IN MY BIO

  1. AAAaaaaAAA #help[7]



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  3. For example: "if you’re usually on mobile and you happen to see the 'The scarves above are links to certain tags!' line in my blog’s description and you’re like '??? What scarves???', it’s referring to the scarves on the desktop version of the blog." - mademoiseli, December 19th, 2015.
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