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Name: Erin Ptah
Alias(es): sailorptah
Type: fan writer, fan artist, convention panelist
Fandoms: Fake News, Welcome to Night Vale, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Doctor Who, Hellsing, many others
Communities: Fake News Fanfiction, Problematic Ships Project
URL: ErinPtah at Archive of Our Own
erinptah and ptahrrific at Dreamwidth
ErinPtah at DeviantArt
bicatperson at Tumblr
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Erin Ptah is a fanfiction author and cartoonist.

In June 2010, she and melannen moderated a "Fanmixes & Mashups" panel at CON.TXT.[1]

She runs the Problematic Ships Project on Tumblr, started in June 2016.

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  1. ^ erinptah at Dreamwidth. Post-con recap time, 22 June 2010. CON.TXT 2010 Schedule, archived 17 June 2014 by the Wayback Machine.