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Journal Community
Name: Fake News Fanfiction
Date(s): Created March 9, 2007
Moderator: gaudy_night, themistoklis, underthepiano
Founder: sailorptah
Type: LiveJournal Fanworks Community
Fandom: Pundit RPF
URL: http://fakenews-fanfic.livejournal.com; archive link

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Fake News Fanfiction, commonly referred to as FNFF, is a LiveJournal community for fanworks related to the Pundit RPF fandom. It was founded in 2007 by sailorptah[1] and its layout was designed by shoemoney2night that same year[2]. The current community moderators are underthepiano, themistoklis, and gaudy_night. Previous moderators include founder sailorptah as well as chris_baby, darkecology, flakygoddess, silentauror, and warriorpoet.

For ease of browsing, fanworks posted to the community are tagged according to header information such as author, pairing, character, series, crossover, and rating. Discussion posts and posts pertaining to community-run challenges are also tagged appropriately.

Open Threads

FNFF hosts discussion posts Mondays through Saturdays. These posts, known as the Open Thread or OT began in June 2007[3] The OT is flocked and typically suggests a conversation topic or provides a prompt to encourage the creation of comment fic; however, discussion is not limited to the prompt or topic provided.[4]

Shortly after the 2011 moderator election, the new moderators began a Delicious account to bookmark stories posted to the OTs, including those posted in years past.[5]


The community is home to two yearly challenges: the fandom's Secret Santa exchange that began in 2007 and the Sandbox Challenge that began in 2009, as a revamp of the previous year's Fanfic Remix Challenge[6]. The Sandbox Challenge, which typically takes place in the summer, encourages authors within the community to offer their stories as shared universes for other writers to tell stories in.


  • Fake News Fanfiction's Tags
    • The community's tag page serves as its archive and is browsable by various categories, such as author or pairing.


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