Dounimo Tomaranai

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Title: Dounimo Tomaranai (どうにもとまらない)
Circle: Haribote (はりぼて)
Doujinka: Ren Hotaka (穂高連)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Date/s: 17 February 2002[1]
10 March 2002[2]
Type: manga
Size: B5, 36 pages
Language: Japanese
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Dounimo Tomaranai (どうにもとまらない) is a Harry Potter doujinshi by Haribote. It contains several stories, set both in the Hogwarts era and Marauders' era, that contain various pairings, including James/Snape, Sirius/Remus, and Fred/George/Percy.

The book is mainly black and white but contains a full-page colour illustration of Fred and George Weasley.


  • "Haribote is one of the better Harry Potter circles and have some really good art. This is a series of short stories. James faints into Snape's arms and Percy gets an ... unusual gift." [3]
  • "This doujinshi came with several pages of rough translation into English, which was the selling point for me. Much of the translation is very difficult to understand, but some of it you can easily understand the context. In one, James and Sirius confront Remus about why he is away from school once a month and why he never changes or showers with them. Remus confesses that he is a werewolf, and James and Sirius act surprised -- they had thought that Remus was really a girl (especially Sirius, who blushes as he tells Remus that he thinks he's cute). In another story, grown-up Sirius tells Harry that he can leave the Dursleys to come live with him, and Harry gleefully proclaims that he will call Sirius 'Mom.'"[4]
  • "I was shallow and drawn to this particular doujinshi by the gorgeous colour cover art (James, Remus and Sirius in smooth mid-teen beauty!). There's a terrific greyscale version of the same image inside the front cover, along with a colour page of a truly wicked- looking Fred and George. Many copies of this dj seem to circulate with a translation sheet. While this is rough, I found it essential for understanding this dj as the jokes are in the dialogue, with the characters' facial expressions forming the punchline! I love the characterisation in this one, and the stories, though the rather cute art is less to my taste. Sirius and James get completely the wrong end of the stick about poor Remus' monthly absences; Sirius gets some 'help' choosing his animagus form; Harry asks Lupin about his attachment to chocolate; Harry gains a 'Mom'!; Sirius makes a bet with James and an ass of himself with Remus, and more. Also features Weasleys and Snape. A very sweet book."[5]



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