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Christianity and fandom...

Christianity and Stargate Fandom

Things that are relevant and had fan reactions:

  • The basic premise of Stargate is that most mythological gods (covering almost every pantheon) were actually malevolent aliens using religion to control and enslave ancient civilizations, or else benevolent aliens using religion to fight those other aliens. Although canon understandably shied away from any implication that Jesus of Nazareth might have been an alien using advanced technology to perform his "miracles," many fanworks show Christian characters struggling with what this idea might mean to their faith, for instance Danny Can't Dance by Martha.
  • The episode I've forgotten the name of that has Christian mythology instead of Egyptian or anything else.
  • The Chaplain series by Fabrisse

Christianity and Star Trek Fandom

flyer for the 1978 Christian-focused science fiction, Star Trek, and Star Wars zine called Spirit

Some example fanworks:

  • Fesarius #5: This issue consists mainly of two novels: one by Leslie Fish and one by Theresa Holmes, on the theme of "What would be the effect of the ST universe if Christ were not an influence?" See Sunset and Evening Star and Difference.
  • From Showcase #2: Proof Positive -- by Sharon Emily: "By fall, Paula Smith had written a satire on Sharon Emily's story, "Proof Positive." The satire, "100 Proof Positive," appeared in both Menagerie 6 and Warped Space 13 by the year's end. ... her story, "Proof Positive," mixed Star Trek and religion (a difficult task even for more experienced writers). The story was a reprint of a similar story appearing in a more obscure fanzine called The Worksheet. The premise of Sharon's story is that Spock goes back in time to meet a religious figure [Jesus]. In Paula's satire, Spock goes to the North Pole to meet Santa Claus. Paula's satire was funny and well-received by many fans; Sharon later commented that she found the satire flattering." [1]
  • Spirit is a 1978 Star Trek, science fiction, and Star Wars anthology centered on Christian-oriented material. The publisher's ad called it "science fiction for Christians."

Christianity and Forever Knight Fandom

If there's one thing that any Christian fan of a science fiction TV show knows, it's the feeling of being alone. It's so easy, considering that many Christians look down on the genre, to believe you're the only one out there. But you're not. Knights of the Cross is a gathering of Christian Forever Knight fans for fellowship and prayer support. Our members are drawn from all corners of the globe, from all denominations, from all walks of life and from all FK factions, united in spite of our diversity, by our love for God, and our interest in the show. Whether you're drawn to Forever Knight by its theme of the search for redemption, the characters, the writing, or anything else, here is where you can connect with others who will understand. And even if Knights of the Cross is not the place for you, maybe you fill find a haven in one of our sister groups, Highlander-Christians, X-Philes for Christ, Babylon 5 Christians, or the original, C-Leapers.

Just remember, you are not alone. — Message at the top of the index page to the faction website (archived)

Christianity and Other Fandoms


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