Radio Free Thulcandra

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Title: Radio Free Thulcandra
Publisher: Marty Helgesen, out of New York
Frequency: quarterly
Medium: print
Fandom: science fiction
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Radio Free Thulcandra is "a quarterly Christian fanzine [...] which examines science-fiction topics as they relate to Christianity. It was affiliated with Christian Fandom.[1]

From the editor:

I am the editor and publisher of RADIO FREE THULCANDRA, a Christian-oriented science fiction fanzine. I am just finishing the April issue (which at one time was to be the February issue, but things happened). I will send a sample copy to anyone on Christia who requests it. (People who have received an earlier issue know what they have to do to get another one.) This is not a Christian magazine with an interest in science fiction. It is a science fiction fanzine with a Christian orientation. If you are not interested in science fiction and fantasy you are unlikely to be interested in RFT. If you are interested, send me your snail mail address and I will send you a copy. [2]

Issue 8

Issue 8 contains 12 pages.

Issue 10

Issue 10 contains 12 pages.

Issue 11

Issue 11 was published in November 1986 contains 12 pages.

Issue 15

Issue 15 was published in October 1988 contains 32 pages.

Issue 16

Issue 16 was published in January 1989 contains 36 pages.

Issue 17

Issue 17 was published in May 1989 contains 36 pages.

Issue 23

Issue 23 was published in November 1990 contains 52 pages.

Issue 24

Issue 24 was published in February 1991 contains 74 pages.

Issue 25

Issue 25 was published in May 1991 contains 56 pages.

Issue 26

Issue 26 was published in August 1991 contains 76 pages.

Issue 26 discusses Darkover.

Issue 27

Issue 27 was published in November 1991 contains 62 pages.

Issue 28

Issue 28 was published in April 1992 contains 56 pages.

Issue 29

Issue 29 was published in July 1992 contains 56 pages.

Issue 30

Issue 30 was published in October 1992 contains 56 pages.

Issue 31

Issue 31 was published in April 1993 contains 74 pages.

Issue 32

Issue 32 was published in July 1993 contains 72 pages.

Issue 33

Issue 33 was published in October 1993 contains 66 pages.


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