Knights of the Cross

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Forever Knight Faction
Name: Knights of the Cross, Les Chevaliers de la Croix
Abbreviation: KotC, KoC
Date(s): 1 Sept 1997 - present (less active since 2004)
Leaders: NightDancer, Fleurette
Founder: NightDancer, Fleurette
Type: religious
Focus: Christianity, Christian themes in Forever Knight
Wars: none
Community: KoC Yahoo!Group]
URL: website (archived)
Banner of the Knights of the Cross faction (created by NightDancer)

Faction icon for the KotC, created by Greer Watson in 2012.
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The Knights of the Cross (abbreviated as KoC or KotC) are also known as Les Chevaliers de la Croix. They are Christian Forever Knight fans who discuss the series from a religious standpoint. Their mailing list was founded by NightDancer and Fleurette.

The group is often counted as one of the Forever Knight factions. It was formed on 1 September 1997 to provide "a haven for Christian Forever Knight fans on the Internet".[1]

In 1999, they had some forty members.[2]

Mailing List, Chat Room, and Yahoo!Group

The KoC list was initially run as a listserv provided by Clearlight, with moderated subscription. Around the time of its second anniversary, it moved to[3] They were also on Bravenet Chat Rooms.

The Knights of the Cross have a Yahoo!Group, KoC, which was founded in 1999. It was very active until 2004, and fairly so for another couple of years, but with dwindling activity thereafter.


The Knights of the Cross had an eponymous faction site (now defunct and archived on the Wayback Machine). NightDancer was the webmistress and created the website banner. There was also a smaller button made for the faction by Tser.

The index page of the website opened with the following message:

If there's one thing that any Christian fan of a science fiction TV show knows, it's the feeling of being alone. It's so easy, considering that many Christians look down on the genre, to believe you're the only one out there. But you're not. Knights of the Cross is a gathering of Christian Forever Knight fans for fellowship and prayer support. Our members are drawn from all corners of the globe, from all denominations, from all walks of life and from all FK factions, united in spite of our diversity, by our love for God, and our interest in the show. Whether you're drawn to Forever Knight by its theme of the search for redemption, the characters, the writing, or anything else, here is where you can connect with others who will understand. And even if Knights of the Cross is not the place for you, maybe you fill find a haven in one of our sister groups, Highlander-Christians, X-Philes for Christ, Babylon 5 Christians, or the original, C-Leapers.
Just remember, you are not alone.[4]


To join the Knights of the Cross, it was necessary to submit a registration form. The only questions on the form for which an answer was required were an e-mail address and the prospective member's actual name (rather than their on-line name, which was optional).

Optional questions included the church the person attended and their favourite Bible passage.


In terms of affiliation, the Knights of the Cross were a secondary faction, in as much as their members also considered themselves to belong to other, character-based factions.

A list on their website indicates that members came from the following factions: the Caddywhacks, Celtic Glow Worms, Cousins (including Light Cousins, Nunkies Anonymous, and Nunkies Scouts), Disciples of Divia, FoDs, Forever Faithfuls, FoSiLs, Immortal Beloveds, Knighties, Les Miserables, Lurkers, Natpack (including Dark NatPack), Nick&NatPack, Nothers, Perkulators (including Dark Perks), Rainbow Knights, Ratpack, Ravens/Ravenettes, RoGes (Roman Goddesses), Seducers, Tracy&VachonPack, Unholy Trinity, Valentines, Vaqueros/Vaqueras, and Virtual Knights.[5]

Faction Icon

In 2012, Greer Watson created an icon for the Knights of the Cross as part of her project to create a set of icons for all the Forever Knight factions. In lieu of an official faction icon, the design composits a photograph of a medieval cross with a cropped picture of a knight on crusade, taken from a medieval manuscript.


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