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Name: bec
Alias(es): Katie Bec, katiebec, KB, sangredulce, emily-spinach, memoryhouse
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Harry Potter, others
URL: bec at AO3
Bec Katie the at FanFiction.Net (work removed)
sangredulce at LiveJournal
katiebec at LiveJournal
bec-and-all (previously emily-spinach[1]) at Tumblr
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bec, also known as Katie Bec and sangredulce, is a fanfiction author. She was most active in Harry Potter fandom and was a frequent participant in Yuletide.

According to her Tumblr sidebar, her fandoms include: "HP, Glee, Pacific Rim, Friday Night Lights, Georgette Heyer, Tana French, Megan Whalen Turner, Swordspoint, Prydain, [and] some other books & comics & films".[2]

Her Harry Potter fanfiction (and one The Lord of the Rings story) was hosted at her website "ashes, ashes" at[3] Her Seamus/Dean stories were also hosted at Seamus/Dean Forever and three of her stories were hosted at the Potter Slash Archive.



Harry Potter



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