Swordspoint and Tremontaine

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Name: Swordspoint, Tremontaine
Creator: Ellen Kushner, Delia Sherman, Alaya Dawn Johnson, Teresa Gratton, Joel Derfner, Mary Anne Monhanraj, Malinda Lo, Racheline Maltese, Patty Bryant, Paul Witcover
Date(s): 1987 to present
Medium: Books, audiobooks, online collaborative serials
Country of Origin:
External Links: Ellen Kushner.com, Tremontaine on Serialbox, Ellen Kushner on wikipedia
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Ellen Kushner's 1987 book, Swordspoint and its sequels The Fall of the Kings (with Delia Sherman), and The Privilege of the Sword and the collaborative online prequel serial Tremontaine are mannerpunk or urban fantasy. The first book was particularly notable for the gay romance between the main characters, and the other works include various genders and sexualities.

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