Swordspoint and Tremontaine

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Name: Swordspoint, Tremontaine
Creator: Ellen Kushner, Delia Sherman, Alaya Dawn Johnson, Teresa Gratton, Joel Derfner, Mary Anne Monhanraj, Malinda Lo, Racheline Maltese, Patty Bryant, Paul Witcover
Date(s): 1987 to present
Medium: Books, audiobooks, online collaborative serials
Country of Origin:
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Ellen Kushner's 1987 book, Swordspoint and its sequels The Fall of the Kings (with Delia Sherman), and The Privilege of the Sword and the collaborative online prequel serial Tremontaine are mannerpunk or urban fantasy. The first book was particularly notable for the gay romance between the main characters, and the other works include various genders and sexualities.

Plot Summary

Set in and around an unnamed city, the first book follows the adventures of the swordsman Richard St. Vier; his lover, the disgraced scholar Alec; their neighbors in the lower-class quarter known as Riverside; and the nobles who plot and scheme for power. Later entries in the series follow Alec's relatives and descendants, or elaborate on events occurring prior to the original novel.

If Swordspoint was written today, the entire internet would ship Alec/Richard [1]

Not Based on Media Characters

In 1990, a fan attended Gaylaxicon and reported that:

One rumor to lay at rest: Ellen Kushner was at this con, and she made it
 clear that SWORDSPOINT is based on her original characters, NOT on any
 media characters (a popular rumor has it that SWORDSPOINT started as a
 Bodie/Doyle novel. Not true). [2]

From a fan in 1994:

In the early 80s, I met Ellen Kushner (she saw me reading manga at a convention and asked about them) and read Swordspoint in MS [3] just before its publication. I can testify that no, it was not influenced by any media fandom in the slightest (and the author will froth at the mouth if you suggest such a thing to her); the basic idea was something she'd already been playing with for a decade or so.[4]

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