Athena (Greek Mythology)

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Name: Athena, also known as Athene or Pallas Athena (Minerva in Roman Mythology)
Occupation: goddess
Title/Rank: Goddess of Wisdom, Battle Strategy, Crafts and Reason
Location: Mount Olympus
Status: immortal; alive
Relationships: Zeus (father)
Metis (mother)
Triton (foster father)
Poseidon and Hades (uncles)
Hestia, Hera and Demeter (aunts)
Fandom: Greek Mythology
Dark-Hunter Series
The Goddess Test
Other: Athena on Wikipedia
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Athena is a Greek Goddess of Wisdom, war strategy, crafts from the Greek Mythology.


On AO3, Athena has been paired up with Medusa and Ares, as well as Apollo.

In fanworks such as fanart and cosplay, she's often portrayed with her signature animal, an owl, and a staff/sword/spear along with a shield.

Athena in Other Fandoms

Due to the popularity of Greek Myths and the gods and goddesses of them, versions of the them are often used in various different media works from books to films to TV series. The following are a version based on Athena:

Athena also appears in some other fandoms that didn't originally have her. Also many fans like to fancast/parallel their characters as Greek Gods & Goddesses on Tumblr.


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