Heroes of Olympus

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Name: Heroes of Olympus
Abbreviation(s): HOO, TLH (for Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero), SoN (for Heroes of Olympus: The Son of Neptune), MoA (for Heroes of Olympus: The Mark of Athena), HoH (for Heroes of Olympus: The House of Hades), BoO (Heroes of Olympus: The Blood of Olympus)
Creator: Rick Riordan (1964-)
Date(s): 2010 - 2014
Medium: novel series
Country of Origin: United States
External Links: Rick Riordan's site
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Heroes of Olympus is a five-book series written by Rick Riordan. It picks up after the events of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, following the Seven in their quest to fulfill the Second Great Prophecy. Unlike Rick Riordan's previous series, which was told from the first person POV of Percy, this one is told from multiple third person POVs.


Heroes of Olympus follows the Seven on their quest to stop Gaea from rising. The series revealed the existence of Camp Jupiter, a camp of Roman demigods based on the West Coast.


In addition to returning faces from PJO, Heroes of Olympus features several new characters.

The Seven

Friends of the Seven

  • Nico di Angelo, Greek demigod and son of Hades
  • Coach Gleeson Hedge, satyr and protector of Jason, Piper, and Leo.
  • Calypso, a second-generation Titan banished to Ogygia and eventually rescued by Leo. She previously appeared in Percy Jackson: The Battle of the Labyrinth when Percy washed up on Ogygia.

Camp Jupiter

  • Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano, Roman demigod and daughter of Bellona. She is a praetor of Camp Jupiter and previously made a brief appearance on Circe's island in Percy Jackson: The Sea of Monsters.
  • Octavian, Roman legacy of Apollo and augur of Camp Jupiter.


  • Low opinion on new books (plot holes, ghostwriting accusations)
  • Some prefer new books - see it as introducing diversity + maturing the characters from the initial books
  • AO3/Tumblr-base, PJO fandom was FF.net/LJ-based? (even traditionally LJ-based stuff is on tumblr, like the Big Bang)
    • FF.net still seems to have a good chunk of stuff, but mostly het/gen, stuff involving PJO characters
    • LJ/DW community are not very crowded (have they ever been?)
  • PJO was more of a threshold fandom, tropes were fandom-specific, HoO has a balance of people active in others and newbies, more tropes, non-fandom specific (e.g.: Coffee Shop AUs)
  • Shared fans of other book series, such as Harry Potter, The Mortal Instruments
  • More slash because of the Nico reveal
  • Negative reactions to new characters vs old characters experience decline in popularity (e.g.: Grover, Luke)


As the sequel series to Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Heroes of Olympus elaborated on some ships from PJO while introducing new ones with the arrival of new characters. Most of the main characters have canon ships, but non-canon ships still abound, mainly ones involving Percy Jackson.

Another notable shift in shipping dynamics between PJO and HOO is the shift of major ships involving Nico di Angelo. In The House of Hades, it was revealed that Nico had a crush on Percy, confirming Nico's homosexuality and one-sided Percy/Nico. With the introduction of Will Solace in The Blood of Olympus, however, Percy/Nico shipping has died down significantly in favor of the Will/Nico ship.

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Most works for Heroes of Olympus are hosted on Tumblr and AO3.

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