Annabeth Chase

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Name: Annabeth Chase
Occupation: Demigod, Head Counselor
Relationships: Athena (mother)
Frederick Chase (father)
Mrs. Chase (step-mother)
Matthew Chase and Bobby Chase (paternal half-brothers)
Malcom (maternal half-brother)
Magnus Chase (cousin)
Percy Jackson (boyfriend)
Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Heroes of Olympus
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Annabeth Chase is a main character in the Percy Jackson series, as well as one of the main characters in the sequel series, Heroes of Olympus. She first appears in the first book of the series The Lightning Thief, where she meets Percy Jackson and joins him on his quest. She is a main protagonist alongside Percy Jackson, and takes part in almost all of his adventures to helps him in his quest to fight evil and save the day, as well as to keep Percy out of trouble.


As a daughter of Athena, Annabeth is extremely intelligent and capable, both on and off of the battlefield. (Percy Jackson often describes Annabeth's hair as being curly like a princess'.) Annabeth is reliable and thoughtful where her counterpart Percy Jackson is reckless and impulsive. The pair later end up dating (at the end of The Last Olympian), and their relationship is a main part of the sequel series Heroes of Olympus. The couple has continued to appear as non-main characters in Magnus Chase and The Trials of Apollo.


She was portrayed by Alexandra Daddario in the 2010 film ''Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief'', which was widely hated by fans. Daddario's casting was often criticized because she did not have blonde hair and grey eyes as Annabeth is described in the books.

Annabeth will be portrayed by Leah Sava Jeffries in the upcoming Disney+ series. Although the reaction to this casting was largely positive, some fans disagreed with Annabeth being played by a black actress, claiming the choice was not faithful to the books or not how they imagined her. This prompted Rick Riordan to issue a statement calling out these fans as racist and supporting the casting choice.



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