Jason Grace

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Name: Jason Grace
Occupation: demigod, head counselor
Relationships: Jupiter (father)
Beryl Grace (mother)
Thalia Grace (sister)
Juno (stepmother)
Piper McLean (ex-girlfriend)
Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Heroes of Olympus
Trials of Apollo
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Jason Grace was a character in the Heroes of Olympus books.

Canon Overview


Jason's canonical girlfriend before their breakup in the Trials of Apollo series was Piper McLean, with the ship name of Jasiper/Jasper/Jaspiper depending on the fan. However, in fanworks this pairing is very uncommon as a main pairing, though substantially more used in gen or ensemble fics.

Some fans interpret Reyna, his fellow praetor, to have had a crush on him; while this was a common theory in the first two books, it lost its popularity substantially afterward.

The slash pairing of Jasico (Jason/ Nico Di Angelo ) became extremely popular after the fourth book House of Hades, due to the revelation that Nico was gay, and the fact that Jason both witnessed the confession and supported him afterwards. Jercy (Jason/[[Percy Jackson) is also very popular, and is interpreted as a competitive dynamic where both boys try to one-up each other, often a bromance.

There were joke ships of Jason Grace/Brick, due to the fact he spent some time knocked out by a brick, and Jason Grace/Stapler, since he tried to eat a stapler as a child.

Power comparison with Percy

Some feel that Jason is an unbalanced parallel with Percy, as despite having trained his whole life, Jason is still portrayed to be equally matched with (or sometimes weaker than) Percy, who trained only in summers.

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