Dark-Hunter Series

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Name: The Dark-Hunter series
Were-Hunter series
The Dream-Hunters series
Lords Of Avalon
Deadman's Cross
Chronicles Of Nick
Abbreviation(s): DH
Creator: Sherrilyn Kenyon (Lord of Avalon books were published under her other penname Kinley MacGregor)
Date(s): 2002 - present
Medium: books, manga and comic books
Country of Origin: United States
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The Dark-Hunter series is a series of adult paranormal romance books by Sherrilyn Kenyon that encompasses several different series of hers (Dark-Hunters, Dream Hunters, Were-Hunters, Hellchasers, Lords of Avalon, Deadman's Cross, and Chronicles of Nick). It spans over fifty books, using a vast amount of characters and world-building of the fictional mythology Atlantean Pantheon and historically known Greek Mythology, Egyptian Mythology, Celtic Mythology, and Sumerian Mythology along with supernatural elements such as vampires (Dark-Hunters), wereanimals (Were-Hunters), and demons.


Although the series is constantly on the best-seller list, the fandom for the series is fairly small.[1] Fanfiction is mainly produced on Fanfiction.net, Archive of Our Own, Adult-Fanfiction.org, and Twisting the Hellmouth. Fanart is produced on deviantart, Tumblr, and fanpop. Fannish discussion originally appeared on LiveJournal before fandom migration moved on to other platforms such as Tumblr.

The character Simi is most commonly cosplayed. Fannish Dolls of the characters have appeared.


The main canon het pairings of the books:

  • Amanda Deveraux Hunter/Kyrian of Thrace
  • Astrid/Zarek of Moesia
  • Bethany/Styxx
  • Grace Alexander/Julian
  • Acheron Parthenopaeus/Tory Kafieri
  • Archon/Apollymi
  • Acheron Parthenopaeus/Artemis
  • Sunshine Runningwolf/Talon

The following are fanon pairings that have appeared:

  • Nick Gautier/Caleb Malphas
  • Nick Gautier/Acheron Parthenopaeus
  • Nick Gautier/Kyrian of Thrace
  • Nick Gautier/Nekoda Kennedy
  • Zarek of Moesia/Acheron Parthenopaeus
  • Acheron Parthenopaeus/Strykerius
  • Apollymi/Savitar
  • Tia Devereaux/Nick Gautier
  • Thorn/Drystan
  • Xevikan Daraxerxes/Aeron
  • Caleb Malphas/Adarian Malachai
  • Kyrian of Thrace/Acheron Parthenopaeus
  • Zarek/Sundown
  • Valerius/Otto Carvaletti
  • Dev Peltier/Sundown

Crossovers with Harry Potter has led to some shipping Acheron/Harry Potter.

Gen works are fairly popular, focusing on characters or groups of characters, sometimes even original characters.





  • Acheron and Styxx by soullesskeepers Fancast list: Styxx - Brad Pitt & Kellan Lutz, Acheron - Travis Fimmel & Chris Hemsworth, Apollymi - Charlize Theron, Archon - Liam Neeson, and Bethany - Eva Green.


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